My friend and i are starting a metal band. As of now its me playing guitar and my friend on drums. I honestly do not know how to explain what sub-genre of metal we fall into so for now its just melodic death metal. We take influence from a broad spectrum of music. Right now i guess are music sounds like a mixture of At the Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, Lamb of God, All Shall Perish, As Blood Runs Black, Death, Skeletonwitch, and Wretched. We are looking for serious musicians and somewhat educated musicians. We are both attending college right now as music majors. We are currently writing original material right now with two songs done and a third one under construction. We dont want to audition anyone until we record demos of these three songs so you can hear our music, but I do want to get in contact with anyone who is interested before hand so we can contact you asap after we record the demo. (i have a few raw guitar tracks recorded if you wanna give them a listen)

Guitarist Requirements:

- Must be atleast 17 years of age, but no older than like 23 or 24
- decent equipment ( at least a half stack for guitar and if its a solid state please have the intentions of upgrading to tubes asap! I have a Marshall 150 half stack which is valve state i do plan on upgrading soon)
- Extremely commited and good attitude we plan on doing this professionally
- The music we plan to write is pretty demanding so being expierenced in playing really fast up tempo music is a must ( we would like to see a video of you performing a piece music doesnt matter what anything is fine)
- The way we right our music is really cooperative so we need you to be open minded to giving and taking advice when it comes to writing
-BE OPEN-MINDED!!!!! We are both really open-minded dudes and aren't really tolerable of closed-mindedness. We plan on doing something that hasn't been done before which is going to need for all members to be open-minded
- Please be patient as well we dont plan on gigging for a few months until we are a well calibrated and oiled machine!
-We are looking for people that can play as well as perform!!! We want you to be energetic and pumped in a live setting and be able to get the crowd (that we will eventually play for ) into our music which means having an exciting stage presence!

Bass Requirements
-Same as above except for equipment you dont necessarily need such a large stack amplifier a combo should be fine

Vocalist Requirements
-Same as Guitarist requirements
- We are looking for a "screamer",and are willing to check out an vocalist but here are some things we are looking for. pretty much someone who has nice low growls as well as good high screams and mids. Some idea of what we want would be the vocalist of All Shall Perish, The Black dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Lamb of God, Wretched, Carnifex, As Blood runs black I think that should give a pretty good idea of what we are looking for
- It would be a huge plus if you are good at coming up with interesting vocal patterns and your own lyrics. Please note though a lot of the ideas we have for this band arent lovey dovey or political we also arent the most religious guys ever and dont plan on making this band about religion either.

If you have any questions regarding joining or our talents and expierence feel free to ask them here or email me at ceasararellano@yahoo.com

sorry if we come off harsh its just we are pretty serious about doing this as a profession but we are really chill dudes who just like to chill and have a good time
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Those are some amazing influences, and I wish I lived in LA right now.

Have this free bump, and if you have anything recorded I'd love to hear it, or any website I could follow until you release any material.

Good luck.
Thanks i kinda wished you lived out here too haha finding members is pretty hard right now. as of right now we dont have any recordings :/ but we have a reverbnation account and ill be posting stuff on here like the promote your band forum and all that and a facebook once we make one