So we play pretty much anything really. But mostly centered around metal. We have a drummer and bassist/vocalist currently and we both write our own songs though we are open to other songwriters and new ideas.
We have one album written and recorded though are still working on new material.

Our sound is kinda like Opeth/Cynic/Human Abstract kinda stuff.

Guitarist Requirements:
- Be able to play somewhat techical. Not too much required here. Just able to play most death metal type riffs.
- Familiararity with odd time signatures such as 7/8, 13/8 ect
- Able to read and play Jazz chords up to 7ths and 9ths
- Ability to improvise guitar solos

- Be familiar with different keyboard sounds and settings
- Techical ability equivlant to about Gr.6 RCM
- Ability to read standard notation and chords
- Ability to improvise solos

I have a Yamaha DGX200 keyboard to use though you could provide your own. I do not however have a guitar, though I will have access to a guitar and amp starting next september.
We probably will start doing serious stuff in September but could also start now to get familiar with the music we play and some of our songs.

We are located in the Toronto/ Kitchener area Canada.
Email me if you are interested at d_snowboard@hotmail.com