Hey guys, im looking for a set of strings which can hold on for a while (anti-rust similar to elixir sets), and can keep a Ibby Rgd7320z 26.5" tight. Im using a baritone Elixir set with a .10 from a 10-46 elixir set, the 7 can't hold anything higher than 68 (the 68 took a while to get in). Due to the thickness of the string, it caused tuning problems because of the bridge. Im currently tuning to either Drop G or Drop G#

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Depends on how tight you want the strings. I currently use 11-49 with a 68 for the low B and that works for me between standard and G#. This is on a 25.5 scale
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Try a 64 or a 66. A 66 is thick enough for G# on my 25.5" 7 string (LTD H-1007), so the 64 should be fine on your RGD.
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