So Ive been practicing Holy Wars by MD for a while now and it is getting extremely frustrating for me to accept that the opening riff is a string of triplets played extremely fast...the closest i can get to the riff is hammering on 567 and pulling off 765 432....its the only way i can keep up to speed...should i switch back to trying to pick out each note since that is i believe the correct way to play the opening riff? Or just stick with the hammer on/pull off method because it works for me? How are people so ****ING FAST?? I cant imagine myself banging out that riff on time..i know i need to PRACTICE but ****...Sorry just venting..
Play it it slow over and over again and gradually go faster. Don't rush because else it sounds messy. You can also practice with a very heavy pick and then change back to your previous one. It wil feel much easier then.
Ever had that feeling when you started riding a bike and it seemed totaly impossible to do it?
Keep playing and you will get there eventualy - I honestly hate these king of 'advices' but its like any other phisical activity: riding,skying,writing,moping floor lol, anything you do for long enough you will progress in it.

The only 'thing' you should 'get/feel' here is that fast triplet 'pick/spasm' or whatever fits it better.
Well maybe it's just beyond your ability range for now. Try learning a couple of slightly easier things and building up to Holy Wars. It's good to learn something that challenges you, but if it's too difficult, you just end up getting frustrated.
I'm currently trying to learn this song too, since the song has my most favorite riff. My fretting hand can't keep up yet in that particular riff. I'll get it one day, you will too, let's keep practicing ~
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First thing to point out is its not triplets, its three 16th notes, then a 16th note rest.

Its the same sort of thing with the right hand as the Slayer style gallop, just not all on one note.

Maybe that bit of knowledge will help.


at about 2:05 does he not say it is triplets?
He's talking about the drums when he says about triplets.
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at about 2:05 does he not say it is triplets?

He may say it. But if you look at the rhythm on sheet music it is not actually triplets. Its common for people to miss understand triplets.
It's not triplets. Plain and simple. Triplets are 3 evenly spaced notes. The riff in holy wars is 2 sixteenth notes and an eighth note. Thus, NOT EVENLY SPACED.
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