Would have uploaded this earlier but I was banned for being a bit mean...
Anyway this song is very TesseracT influenced.
Guitar Pro messes up for me if you use Midi on the main guitar riff and plays loads of wrong notes. If it does this for you just keep replaying it until you get a feel for what that riff should sound like.
I have also made it RSE if you're that way inclined and the notes don't sound wrong with RSE. I don't normally use RSE but it stopped the riff sounding terrible so I sort of had to.
C4C of course.
May March.zip
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Any TesseracT songs in specific that this was influenced by? This piece is so super awesome and so far the only song I've listened to by TesseracT is Eden (which I also really like) and I'd love to hear some more like that!

Big Chords... whaddafuuuuck man, it's so gracefully energetic!
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Get their album, One, you'll love it. One of the best albums I've ever listened to. Never gets boring and I can listen to it any time, anywhere and in any mood and it's still enjoyable.
This song is not too subtly influenced by April (Hence May March... March April May). It started off as a bit of a rip off but I think it became my own work as I went along.
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My only gripe with this song is that I feel it's over repetitive. The ideas are GREAT but after so long on the same riff, it started to drone a bit.
I agree with Blood. Great ideas.... Use them too much though. ;]

Oh, and you were right. RSE makes the "riff" part sound completely different. lol

Another thing.. It's not critique, but an idea to help with the static feel of the riffs... Delay is a nice way to change things up, but something I've started doing is alternate panning.... And during the "big chords" part I kept wanting to hear some of that go on, maybe on the delayed notes switch panning back and forth. It'd add variety and a syncopated feel depending on how you did it. Like I said, just an idea though. ;]

Nice song!
If you have time, here's a link to my newest: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1514521 :}
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Get their album, One, you'll love it. One of the best albums I've ever listened to. Never gets boring and I can listen to it any time, anywhere and in any mood and it's still enjoyable.
This song is not too subtly influenced by April (Hence May March... March April May). It started off as a bit of a rip off but I think it became my own work as I went along.

Having listened to April, I still like yours even more :p
Thanks for the tip though, it's a great album so far
I got shivers and actually shed a tear. This piece is absolutely phenomenal. It moved me a lot, and it's just a piece of midi in it's current state.

Please record it.

I had to edit this three times just to get to the point, it's absolutely ****ing beautiful and I kid you not, this, I would buy. Any day of the week.
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I'm going to streamline this crit into a train of thought.

Intro is good, nice and calm. Enters into the bass well, although I feel a hatred towards picked basses. If you pick the bass, you don't play bass. You're playing the guitar in bass format.

Clean reiteration is good, keeps the song moving. I like how the distortion guitar still keeps the clean section bright, but adds enough underneath to buff the sound.

I like Riff 1, same applies as the previous statement. By this point though, I feel that the clean overtones provide too much of children's melody sound, although thats not a negative thing. Except for how VASTLY repetitive it is until the next break, which I liked.

Big chords was great, really full driving sound. Worked really well, along with the transition to just the distorted instruments.

The other material had already been stated, and there seems to be little to no variation, so I don't feel I need to restate another other than that they function as good points for structure.

One more biggun was a good closure build, and the ending fit the piece really well.

I feel that the repetitiveness is a bit much though, and becomes this stagnant tonic point that it keep returning to. Its not a bad piece by any means and is a completely functioning piece of music, but I'm not one for that kind of reiteration.

Also, I dunno if I would call it Djent. It seems Djent inspired, but I don't feel it really fits that label. But people can call things whatever they want, I don't particularly care. I've attempted to write about a dozen fugues, all of which I call fugues, and most likely, and not truly fugues.


I get that it's repetitive but I think vocals might help that.
And I wasn't too sure about the Djent part so I wrote TesseracT Djent because I'd call them djent and this song was heavily influenced by them.
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Hey dude, thanks so much for your crit on my piece you didn't ask for a crit back, but, I felt like returning the favour so yeah. TesseracT are one of my favorite bands in this style so I was excited to hear this song! The intro chords were lovely, and the bass when it came in sounded great! The MIDI bass sound doesn't do much justice to it though. I actually kinda liked the way it sounded with a slap sound, just because it makes it slightly more pronounced. I love TesseracT's bass and you did a good job of emulating them. However, I didn't think this was too derivative at all, although the influence is clear I think you brought in enough of your own ideas to make it original!

Anyway, I could crit section by section but this is hardly a piece where you can take each section individually. The way the overall track built up is fantastic, and the djenty rhythms perfectly compliment the clean guitars soaring above them. I also loved the feeling of release when the 'Ride' section comes in, I dunno why but after the riffage it felt like a breath of fresh air even though it features essentially the same clean part. The 6/8 on the hihat was awesome and such a nice touch!

Big Chords blew the previous part of the song out of the water...awe inspiring It felt so majestic and the progression was epic. The following riff was awesome too When I saw that you were going to return to the original melodies I feared that it could start getting repetitive but it actually worked really well. Overall, I get a much stronger post-rock, perhaps even Cloudkicker-y vibe from this than Tesseract, as its not very riff oriented and its more focused on the overall build and release of the song. You have a great grasp of how to build a beautiful atmosphere man, I would definitely love to hear this recorded! What a great piece to just sit back and let yourself be absorbed by.
Unfortunately I don't have RSE but I spent a while listening to the riff.

Anyway, I thought the intro was a little odd with the bass coming in on its own like that, if you plan to have vocals on top I think that'd work fine though. The song kinda seemed a bit post-rocky actually, the intro stuff was kinda djenty but with the dragged out repeated melodies it felt like post-rock. But whatever I'm not one to make a fuss about genres. Vocals could help the repeated melodies from getting dull, or I think you could add subtle melodies or just some more little touches to vary it up a bit more. Like maybe you could try adding a harmony to it going down instead of ascending(can't remember the musical term for this).

The big chords stuff was nice, the song flowed really nicely and it built up and released well. I think some of your older pieces were better to be honest, but the mood this song creates is really nice and I still enjoyed it.
Sorry for the late C4C, I hadn't checked my thread in a few weeks.

As a whole, me being the huge Tesseract fan that I am, I really enjoyed this piece. All the instruments compliment each other, and work really well together.

I also really liked how a lot of it is just one chord progression, without getting boring, or predictable. Fantastic work!
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Intro is quite nice. Rhythms are fairly interesting. Some sections are rather repetitive, if you recorded it with vocals it could add something extra. The big chords section is good to give a different feel to the song.
It really is very much like April. Rhythms, triplet feel, etc. It's good, but it needs a melody. Part of what makes TesseracT so good is the fact that they can craft such great melodies. Your piece lacks any sort of melody. It seems like it's going somewhere, but never really gets there. It's in a perpetual state of wanting. It wants to go somewhere, it wants to drive... but it can't.

It really needs a melody. Like bad.

The sections themselves are good, but they get a little repetitive (probably a sans melody issue). I found myself skipping forward because sections just seemed to drag. Which is a shame, because the verses and chorus' are so open they allow for a lot of room for some very interesting harmonies and melodies.

Its form is kind of standard as well. It's kind of an A B A' B' A'' B'' A B kind of format. The individual sections are nice the first time through, but they get boring the 3rd time you hear them, even with the 3/4 feel the drums give (during the 6/8 feel section... it's 3/4 ) and the various changes they go through.

It needs a serious melody, and it needs variation on the separate sections. Maybe substitute some chords for others or just add a new progression for a section. It's good for a bit... but it gets boring. It has a lot of potential! It just needs to be fleshed out.

No C4C considering I don't have anything up
I listened to this again this morning and I got goosebumps. This is awesome, I would pay for a copy of this if you recorded it well.
You make the three bar pattern sound so natural...
The repetition didn't bother me, other than at the section entitled April. I guess that's more about the drumming.
The riff - it's so good. So good. I love it.
My only gripe is this: at the very end of the piece 'One More Biggun'' I was hoping for one slightly jazzy chord change. I don't know if that's a bit predictable or not, but in my head I heard it coming but it never came; I attached something along the lines of what I was thinking.
But this is amazing.
I'm going to stop licking your bumhole now.
may march big end alternate chord progression.gp5
Hey! happy new year, I just listened to this piece of art, and thought of recording it entirely, Would you allow me to do that?
I don't think this frankibos been around for a while, you might not get an answer here.

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I actually still check UG and this forum regularly, but with work and everything I just don't have enough time to get stuck in and contribute properly.

Dereck12 I'd be happy for you to have a go at recording it, would be interested to hear the results!
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

haha the intro screams "April". i really like the overall happy atmosphere, its pleasantly unexpected from the given genre. i really like the harmonies from the distorted guitars

my only complaints:

-as-is, its quite repetitive. im not sure if you plan on adding vocals, but this could really benefit from them (or some kind of variation at least)
-many parts take too much influence from April. even if you never mentioned it, id easily be able to tell that youd been listening to that song a lot

overall its a pretty damn good piece, but could use some tweaking. also when you get the chance, can you give me some input on my most recent work? id greatly appreciate it