I'm looking for a Telecaster. I'm just looking for a traditional Telecaster setup with the two single coil pickups. I also want an American one. And I also pretty much one is a Honey Blond color. The American Standard series has one in a "Natural" color that might be alright. My favorite is the '52 Telecaster Reissue, this is the classic Telecaster in exactly the color I want. I like how it plays a lot. Plus, I like the traditional style Tele bridge which the American Standard does not have. I am not very fond of the American Deluxe series because I find the upgrades not worth the price and the cutout on the body almost makes it more like a Strat. So, its probably between the '52 Reissue and the American Standard and a few others. Does anybody have any experience with the '52 Reissue?
I think the 52 reissue is just a great guitar, i personally think it plays better then any of the standards i have played
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How does the pickups on the '52 Tele handle overdrive and effects? I like the idea of a vintage reissue but how is it in the versatility department? I don't play metal, but I like rock and roll and blues with heavy overdrive, not distortion. What is the wiring kit they include with it? To allow control of the tone knob?