...Do you like Bugera amps?

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An Agile, a Bugera and an army of Behringer pedals is all you need. **** all that overpriced Gibson and Fender and Marshall and BOSS shit. That stuff is all rubbish anyway, 90% of the price is because of the name.
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Same with Martin and Taylor acoustics. All you need is an Esteban acoustic guitar. Clearly better than anything else, no one else does infomercials. Topping it off, he wears a cool Zoro hat and shades.
Quote by Tom 1.0
...Do you like Bugera amps?

Curious why you singled out Agile owners?

Nothing wrong with Bugera -- some of their stuff is quite nice and sounds great (no matter the guitar).

More pertinent info would be: What type of music are you interested in playing? What sort of venue are you looking to play (bedroom alone, with friends in a garage, gigging at parties, etc.)? Do you have pedals you want to use or are you really just looking for something you can plug into directly and play. Do you need 2 or more channels (a clean & a dirty) or are you planning on just having one?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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