I need help identifying an early, heavy progressive rock tune. Probably 6-7 minutes long. From the sound of it, it was recorded sometime between 1969-1973. So it was one of those bands like King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Deep Purple, Coliseum, etc, or a similar style. I can't remember if there was an organ in the band though.

The instrument which stood out the most were the drums, which were insane, crazy, off the chain.

It sounded to me like the guitar player was trying to imitate the style of Jimi Hendrix (and who wasn't in those days?) In fact, the opening section was a bit similar to the main riff of 'Voodoo Child', and later there was a section in 3/4 or 6/8 that was quite similar to 'Manic Depression'

Usually I try to listen close and remember a line from the lyrics, but all I can remember is the phrase 'Freedom is ???' being repeated during the 3/4 section.

Any ideas?

To give the backstory:

Yesterday, I was eating lunch at some pizza restaurant which had a satellite radio channel on (I only know this because I asked.) This channel seemed to specialize in classic rock 'deep tracks.' This means that they played bands of the late 60s and 70s that are never on mainstream classic rock radio, and tunes by well-known bands that are not in the standard radio playlist. I consider myself pretty knowledgable of this genre and so there were a few of these 'deep tracks' that I recognized, but not this one.

I guess the difficulty is that I've never heard the song before, and it never gets played on the radio so I'll likely never hear it again, haha.