We all know nitro c. does and wears away to a nice vintage appearance, but does poly allow the wood to dry out and does poly eventually wear?

The stuff is so thick and hard and totally counter to allowing a guitar to nicely age.

Thoughts? Input?
Probably not. It's used to line hoses so I don't think it would be that breathable, just very waterproof.
No, it doesn't, but I'm pretty sure there are ways to remove it.
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Poly can be sprayed as thin as nitro, but it's very hard to do and the time and care it takes actually then makes it more expensive than nitro. At that thickness it's also not actually as protective as nitro is, hence why nobody bothers.

So typically, no, poly finishes do not 'breath', they do no contract and check as nitro does and they will not discolour as quickly as nitro does either. It's usually fifteen years and upwards before a poly finish starts to show any signs of 'aging'.
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Ah. Thank you Mr.Flibble.
I have a 70s remake Strat, that Im in love with bit it looks so pristine. Im not into fake aging so I guess Ill just have to hang on to it and put the miles in for quite some time.
I'd rather have a poly finish. I'm not much on the whole relic looking thing. I never really understood that. Do some people think it makes them sound better or play better? I've always thought maybe people want worn guitars to validate their playing, like look at me I've been playing a while. But there are many things I just don't understand. I take care of my instruments, but at the end of the day they're meant to be played. So if mine get a scratch, chip, or whatever I'm alright with it. I do like knowing that the poly finish is going to resist that. I've got an 87 Ibanez RG560 that still looks good to this day. All 3 of my poly finished guitars sound good enough to me too.
Nah, for me at least the worn look/feel is a comfort thing. Kinda like an old pair of jeans or shoes. Also the aging gives your guitar its own personal character and story. They all come from the shop shiny and new and look the same. A 30 year old guitar looking like a brand new guitar just doesnt seem right to me. Just as a new guitar made to look 30 years old isnt right in my eyes either. Natural wear shows that the instrument has been played (perhaps not well) but played nonetheless.
I just don't think I'd ever buy one of those intentionally reliced guitars. I don't go to a car dealer looking for a car that looks old and beat up. I want a new car. Same with a guitar. I want a new guitar, not a beat to hell one. I would buy a new guitar that had a nitro finish though, it's not like I'd never buy a non poly finished guitar. I've had my share that were finished with nitro and I took good care of them. So they really didn't have a lot of wear showing on them. I do like Gibson guitars, and Gibsons are finished in nitro. All my LPs and SGs were well looked after.