It's mostly progressive/metal djent but there are definite deathcore-ish elements which worked their way in.
Influences include Meshuggah, TesseracT, Periphery and The Acacia Strain. Also a hell of a lot of Vildhjarta.
C4C as per usual.
My songs are all located here .
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It's pretty unfair that this doesn't have any crits yet so I figured I'd leave one. While still being djenty, this song has such a different vibe to May March, which is cool. The build up to the main riff gets my pumped, and the bass slide before it hits is awesome. The riff is great too, and the cleans over the top are awesome! Its an idea I've heard many times before but you did it well so nice work.

The next bendy riff reminded me of Rational Gaze, which was awesome. The best part of it though was the creepy cleans...that melody is so good man, so atmospheric. The next riff rules too, man all of this riffage so far is sweet. Creepy ambient swells were pretty cool too, this song further shows how good you are at establishing an atmosphere!

I love the Tesseract-y calm verse. Not much to say there, and same for the chorus. I liked the chords you used in there, very dissonant and weird O_O Mostly repetition til Bob, which is another awesome groove. Love how you introduced that busier riff on top, and then kinda resolved to that clean part. New Riff is another epic groove too! Makes me want to headbang so hard haha. The song from this point on features some pretty crazy polyrhythms, so counting along and trying to figure out wtf is going on is pretty entertaining haha. The Beast was great, I love the way you combined all the different riffs from different parts of the song, that was a cool idea

Overall though, whilst I would say that May March is a song that is *more* than the sum of its parts, this song feels like one that is *less* than the sum of its parts. Every individual riff, groove, and clean section is absolutely awesome, however I feel that the song is a bit too long for its own good, but more importantly, it doesn't really go anywhere in particular. It kind of just seems like a constant barrage of brutal riffs and creepy cleans, even though there are dynamic variations, for a song this long the kinda dissonant creepy vibe you have going gets a little old. What I'd love to hear from you is a song that's like a combination of this and May March, something that starts with the consonant beautiful atmosphere you nailed so well, but then somehow becomes more riffy and brutal like this, and then resolves to the starting consonance? I'm not sure how it would work exactly, but I think if you were able to pull something a little along those lines, it would be really cool

I hope you don't intepret that as me saying either of these songs suck on their own though: they're both really great, and feature some stellar parts. But a combination of the dissonant deathcore-ish riffy-ness and the beautiful atmospherics could turn out awesome!
Everything is so well thought-out it just blows my mind.. Verse 2 and Verse 4 really stuck with me even though I'm usually not that into such verses, but everything just flows so well. I did wish for a more melodic chorus as I'm a real sucker for those, but the dissonance (?) in the progression made it a bit too weird for me to "feel the energy" of it :p

This is definitely an outstanding djent song, but I feel the exact same way as world-ablaze, this combined with a May March-vibe would make this song even better, all it needs is a bit more melody. That is of course my opinion and if this fairly über creepy vibe is what you're going with, well then you succeeded

I think 291-307 would be amazing as the outro with a nice melody over it :p