i want to buy a new guitar with 450-500 euros the most .The styles i usually play are metal and classic rock more metal though and of course sabbath so i want my guitar to have good distorted sound but acceptable cleans also i want to know wich guitars are the best for stoner/ sludge metal at this price range. dont suggest me les pauls or used guitars.
i cant decide between these two

suggest me others and tell me witch of those two is the best
Either would be good for what you want to do.
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Go with the SG, cause SGs are sexy <3
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Both should be fine for the sound you're looking for, personally I prefer the way the SG looks
Having owned mine for 3 years, i would get the Futura. They look a lot better irl and mine in particular played beautifully before i wore the frets out from probably thousands of hours of playing.

Great guitar for the price. Only thing of note is that the upper fret access isn't that great if you have small hands.
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I would get the SG. the Iommi pickups are really good (my brothers SG has one in the bridge, and it screams), they're able to do the crushing metal thing and still pull off respectable cleans (the emg's in the other guitar are a little more of a love-hate type of situation). plus, i really like the clean and understated look its got going on