Hey guys.

Had my Strat a while. Love it, but I've been having to play through my crappy bass amp.

I'll be getting a new Electro-Acoustic guitar soon, and I want to get a good new amp for that and my strat.

Looking to spend about £200, and it's for practice. Tube amp, if possible. Several voices for metal stuff, also, if possible.

Any ideas? So far I've spotted the Super Champ XD, but I'm still looking.

I suppose you want a really clean amplifier for your electro-acoustic (unless you mean a hollowbody) and at 200 pounds, you won't get a full tube amp that does both good cleans and metal, unless there are amplifiers I don't know of that are really good at that price.
Are you gigging?
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I can't think of anything. Save a bit more.
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A suggestion would be to expand your options a bit. I would honestly go for a SS amp for 2 reasons.

1) The cost -- obviously. You'll be able to get waaaaay more amp for the money and find the features you want.

2) The fact you want to use one amp for 2 things. You'll be able to find SS amps that have the gain options for your electric but also a "Line" option for simply amplifying anything else (acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals, etc.) I don't know of any tube amp that will do this at any price, maybe others do.

So there's my advice. Look at SS stuff if you really need one amp that can do both things.

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Also, if it's only for home use, you don't need to amplify an acoustic. For gigging, just get a DI box for the acoustic.
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Nah not gigging, just practice.

Just great clean tones is all I need really. I can't up the budget, unfortunately.