So I've owned guitar or two for 6 years or so, but I never ever bothered to actually find a source of information and learn anything, I've just been looking at tabs and playing stuff and to be quite honest I havent progressed much after the beginning.

Now that I have time I want to change that. My basics are probably ****ed so even though I have acquired some finger dexterity I want to start again from the bare basics. Internet is obviously full of free info, but it's all over the ****ing place and I just don't have the patience to scourge the internet scraping together pieces of info and trying to fit them in place.

Thus I have been thinking of buying the beginner deluxe package from justinguitar.com for 80e. I'm hoping that such an program with clear progression and goals would motivate me to go forward. The question is, do you guys have any idea if it's a good product worth buying?
its great but all the lessons are already free on his website if you are unsure
The free lessons are really good.
I was in a similar situation to you, in that I'd been playing for quite a while, mainly learning songs from tab, but for that last year I've been interested in learning more about what I'm actually playing, and I think his lessons are excellent.

I would also say that I've been getting lessons from a guitar teacher, and I think that is always going to be superior to learning things from a website, but as far as free lessons go, I've not found anything better than the justinguitar stuff.
He does have some stuff that you can only get by paying, but I've not seen any of those. I'm sure if they're like the rest of his lessons, they'll be good.
I'd say it's worth it, but as the others have already stated, the exercises are free on his site. But overall, Justin seems to know what he's talking about, and explains most things pretty well.

Go for it, man.
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Hah, I didn't even notice he has the same stuff he sells mostly available for free too Which I think is reason enough to actually buy and support him Thanks for your replies, I'm sure he's the right guy to go to now.
Try a few lessons online, if you like them, why not buy them, or some of the other stuff he sells, or just make a donation.