ok, i have an epiphone les paul tribute guitar (which has coil tapping/splitting) and a seymour duncan alnico 2 pro slash sig pickup. firstly, i dont know how to un solder my old pickup as two of the pots (connected to the push pull coil tapping tone control buttons) is planted face down in the guitar and i cannot remove it. secondly, the pickup is a single conductor pickup and has only one wire, how the heck do i wire that!?i have looked up countless circuit diagrams and stuff and dont know what the hell to do with this weird combo of single conductor and coil tapping. although it says the braided wire must be connected to the ground, so i solder it to a pot, but where do i put the wires inside the shield, one what pot? where abouts on the pot etc.? i cant upload pics here but feel free to leave your phone so i can text you them or your email so i can send them. basically the tone pots are upside down and stuck and i cant get them off to de solder them from the pickup

i realllyyy appreciate any help with this its just so frustrating as i am a very impatient easily angered person haha
Don't connect them to Tone Pot, If you dont love them. But really, don't do this yourself.
just want to know where do i connect the ground wire and where do i connect the hot wire?

also how do i get at these coil tapping pots? theyre stuck in there and all the soldering is done on the side which is stuck face down.
Take it to someone who knows what they're doing. Your new pickup may not be splitable anyway.
i dont have £100 for a pickup change (yes thats how much it costs, cause theres one guitar shop in this whole country)

i know the pickup does not accommodate coil tapping, so how do i wire it anyway?