What would be the best not too expencive audio interface (just need to be able to use guitar) and studio monitors or speakers I really don't know the difference but I have noticed most people use studio monitors, I plan to pretty much run it thru guitar rig and some lepou stuff ect, and I plan to use it like a amp, I don't care too much about recording, right now I use either a rocksmith cable or my fender mustand 2 usb out to do this, would there be a big difference, it sounds ok, do I just need speakers or will the interface help the overall tone aswell, right now I use my pc speakers which arent too bad but not to good either.
Interface wise the line 6 pod studio GX is about as simple as it gets for plugging into your pc. I wouldnt know if it sounds any better than the mustang. But it's the conversion from analogue sound to digital that usually lets most cheap interfaces down.

Studio monitors are designed to sound clinical rather than pleasing in general, so you can spot errors in your mix. If you're not bothered about recording then theyre not worth investing in. Plus even the half decent ones don't come cheap... You're better off investing in a decent sound system for your pc.
I have a Line 6 Toneport GX, they're called different nowadays though, POD studio or something? It's like €60 and works great if you just need it for one guitar. I just use regular computer speakers or a pair of headphones, works fine.
I was thinking about a line 6 ux1 or m audio fastrack ( not too expencive and really cheap used), those any good? The mustang sounds ok but it is kinda digital sounding. But maybe thats just the way vst sound....
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I have a UX2 and a decent pair of Shure headphones and it is alright. I get some decent sounds out of it and record with it from time to time. I don't get amazing tones (using the POD software) out of it but I think it's well worth it for something on the lower end of interfaces.
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if your using it for an amp just get a cheap home stereo unit and run your pc thru it with a line 6 toneport