pretty simple...i would like your opinions...worth the money? 700 euro...i have read couple of reviews on the p-90 version but i dont like the looks of it(stupid i know) but nothing on the humbucker model...please respond
plays great, looks great, great build quality but the pickups are poor for gibson's standard.
if you got it and replaced the pickups for Seymour Duncan Vintage 59' Sh-1 then you'll have one hell of a guitar with pickups that actually suit it and sound great.
With mass production guitars like this, just read the reviews of the P-90 version. You may not like P-90s but the body, neck and so on are going to be more or less the same.

That said, with Gibsons you really can't judge a guitar by reviews or what anyone on the internet says. Each Gibson, even the mas produced ones, varies a lot. Some can have thick necks, some can have thin necks, some can be very light and others can be very heavy. It doesn't matter what a review says or what Gibson list the specifications as being, you won't know how any Gibson will feel or sound until you go to a shop and play it for yourself.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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The shop I work in has both the P-90 and the humbuckered version, I have played both quite a bit and must say I like them both, great Gibson sound at a low price, obviously not as good as a VOS Les Paul but for under £800 they are brilliant!

I'm not usually a fan of P-90's but I must admit that I do prefer it over the humbuckered one, its a bit more tonally versatile.

If you want a "real" Les Paul and cant afford a Studio or a Standard, I would deffinetly recommend it.
thanks you guys...i have set my eyes on the goldtop and needed opinions....will swing by a shop and put it to the test...