fear interminable
chaotic glow outside the window
naked dancers on the television
raw hands run across the carpet
over stains, spilled drinks, old feelings.
then i hear you in the other room, vomiting.
sometimes it scares me to think about that
the vomit, the rain on our coffins, old feelings
give up on sleeping, fix my eyes to the ceiling
fear interminable.
It's a bit depressing but I suppose that's what you were going for.

The lyrics about vomit are a bit graphic but in a good way, not a pleasant image but it evoked an image nonetheless and that's what lyrics should do.

What type of music were you planning on puting this to? Metal? Emo? Acoustic?

Whatever you choose the lyrics are better than most I've seen on UG.

Not my taste personally in lyrical content but I can see the merit and you're writing ability is good