So I want to get these condenser microphones (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Nady-SPC-15-Condenser-Microphone-Buy-2---Save-275550-i1126987.gc)
But it says it requires 9-52v phantom power, and on the back of my interface (Tascam US800) it has a switch that says, Phantom Power +48v. So would this microphone work correctly with my interface? and can I have different mics that require different voltages of phantom power plugged in at the same time? Thanks for any help, you all are life savers.
Well 9V-52V is -43V

So if you plug it in backwards, yes.

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it will work fine! it just means they will accept 9v to 53v so 48 (the standard) is fine

and don't "plug it in backwards" lol

and also yes it will supply different mics at the same time
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