I had the amp a when it first came out, im trying to find a practice amp similar to it, how are the Mustang 3's compared to the Super Champ XD?, I know the Super Champ X-2 is out but I'm not that interested in it.
The Mustangs are supposed to be very nice; I would look in that direction.
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The Super Champ XD and Super Champ X2 are about the same but the X2 let's you use the fuse software and I think they may have done some changes to the tone.

It has been about 2 years the last time I played a XD so I'am not very sure on what it sounded like.

But the X2 is very nice I love it great tone and sounds super with my LTD MH-417 and my Omen-8.

The X2 kicks some ass thru my Krank 4x12 cab.

The Mustang amps are also very good I played all of them but went with the Mustang Mini cause I can run it on Batt.

The mini is small but my god it's got some tone to it. best $125.00 bucks I ever spent.
Well I loved the Super Champs tube sound, its not very digital at all. I guess if I cant find one by next week Ill look for something similar
I've got a Super Champ XD. I like the cleans on it. Very good Fender clean sound for a hybrid and reverb and other effects aren't bad. I'm not real big on the modeling though. That part leaves much to be desired.