"Should language be a transcription of speech?"

To keep things simple, let's focus on the English language specifically.

We all know that spoken language is different than written language. If you were to write down on a piece of paper what you would say naturally it would most likely be full of grammatical and style errors. Commas would be everywhere, incomplete sentences and a bunch of stuff that reminds us that the language we use for written communication is different than the language we use for oral commutation. *ignores snickering* I'm sure others have noticed the fact that there are things they would write but not say out loud exactly as written and vice versa.

The question is just a discussion point, no need to find and answer. It's just a jumping off point. Another point could be how communicating over a forum changes some things when it comes to communicating.
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It would be really hard to understand written language like that I'd think. I know my dialect would be completely incomprehensible at least.
Speech should be a audio transcription of language.
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The beauty of language is that it was first used for its proper purpose: To obviously communicate. That's the intended goal, right? If I want you to know something, I will type it or say it (in this case, I'm obviously speaking it, right?). So language is to get a point across. In person, speaking is much more broad and casual because it's so fast paced and back-and-forth. On paper/screen, it isn't like that. You have to get your ideas across as well and quickly as you can, hence why grammar and spelling exist. Proper writing will get points across as easily as possible. I know I write on here and my blog and msn and etc... in a way that implies I type the way I speak, and I do. For essays and other academic pieces, however, I would not.
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