Greetings! I've got some things to show you.
The first thing is a Polytone Mini-Brute. It's a Mini-Brute I, which, if you know Polytones, means absolutely nothing. Model names appear almost completely arbitrary when it comes to the Mini-Brute line. Anyway, it appears to be a late 80s or early 90s model in a rather rare Navy tolex with sparkly blue grille cloth. If you're unaware of these, they're squeaky clean jazz amps and I love them. I'm now running this one in stereo with my other, less interesting looking Mini-Brute II for 240 watts of light fluffy goodness. No tubes in these, but hey, they're for clean tones. I've got tubes for teh gainz.
There's allegedly a gain channel, but there isn't exactly a bunch of distortion going on. It's basically a blurry version of the clean channel. The parallel effects loop is also worthless. However - if you need an amp that you can carry in one hand that will keep up with a jazz band without breaking up even a little bit, this is the one to have.

So, hey, that's fun.


Do you know what is more interesting? Fiber. Fiber is good for you! It keeps your LDL cholesterol down and it keeps you regular. Awesome. But did you know that fiber has been improved upon? No longer is it just an important part of a complete breakfast - it's carbon. It's harder, better, faster, and, yes, stronger.

That's right, bitches. Carbon fiber. It's for Ferraris, Zondas, Lamborghinis, the new Boeing Dreamliner - and this.
It's a Luis and Clark violin, and it is made almost completely of Carbon Fiber. The body and neck are one piece, the top is a second, and the fingerboard is a third. The only wood involved is for the bridge, soundpost, and chinrest. The pegs are composite, and have planetary gears inside. Basically I am playing Bach on an instrument that could theoretically meet my state's definition of a dangerous weapon.

(It's kinda hard to take pictures of. Glossy, with a fine pattern. Derp.)

It sounds fantastic, and it compared favorably to violins in the $15,000-20,000 range (I didn't play anything more expensive...silly me.) It's quite sensitive to the bow, and consistent across the registers, which is different from most wooden violins, which tend to have some spots of emphasis or change in timbre in different octaves. It also matches my carbon fiber bow, which is a more sane and normal thing for a violinist to have these days. Another enormous benefit of this design is that unlike a wooden violin, it's not sensitive to heat or cold. Usually the 20 minute walk to orchestra rehearsal in sub-zero weather makes my violin completely out of tune, and in danger of cracking along the seams. I can comfortably play this new one in conditions that would destroy a traditional violin in a few hours.

So, there you have it. A rather boring amp and a rather spectacular violin. It's not really a Guitar Gear or Accessory, but it's just too cool not to show off. I'm very excited about it.

Carbon Fiber Cello tiem!
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the amp would be cooler if they replace the brute with br00tz!
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It's a Luis and Clark violin, and it is made almost completely of Carbon Fiber.

Does it have coil tapz?
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clips of the lois and clark through the brUtE.

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Very impressed with the violin. Does it tonally fit in with the rest of the orchestra or are you a standout? And what Bach piece are you playing? If you say the unaccompanied violin sonata I will be heartily impressed.
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It fits in quite well. It sounds very much like a traditional violin. I haven't played it with my quartet yet, and perhaps in that setting it may be a little different since it's not one of 120 instruments being played at the same time, but I really don't think it stands out tonally. It is definitely a loud violin, so it has the potential to be overpowering, but I don't play it that way.

The Bach I'm working on now is the Partita No.3 in E major, BWV1006.

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coil taps and br00tz within the first 3 replys
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