i have a vox da5 mini amp

a while ago it stopped working on battery power, it would still work with the wall adapter but not on batteries

i let my friend borrow it for a few weeks and i just got it back, now it dosent work with the wall adapter, in fact it dosent work at all anymore, i took it to an electronic music shop and they tried it with another adapter and no power, they said itd be 100 dollars to fix it and thats about how much the thing is worth

is there anything i can do myself? when i open it up what will i see? any thoughts on what it could be, lights dont turn on, nothing


it may have just blown a fuse.

check that.

bad batteries can really screw things up too and even cause corrosion and shit. i'd use them sparingly if at all.

with adapter, make sure you have the correct adapter.

that is all i can think of
I'm guessing there's a broken connection somewhere. If you open it up look for broken wires and solder connections. If you can take clear pictures and post them that would help too.