General Contractor Mafia would be a more stable pay check around here.
Not quite the Reply I was expecting thought, I know it is a $200 guitar but how does it fair for others in that price range? I bought a Agile AL-2000 for my nephew at about the same price and it was a wonderful instrument for a beginner. I don't know much about Ibanez and it's low end stuff, does it keep in tune for longer than 5 minutes? Am I going to have to flip it over buzzing or crap hardware? Being a little more descriptive might help.
hahaha i was just teasing about the mafia..
It is a low end guitar its probably even lower quality then an agile. Bolt on lp with cheap agathis or maybe basswood body..
Save a little extra and get the ART-100, i have it and it's quite nice, i upgraded the pickups right on the get-go but used it stock for a gig and enough practice in 3 days i don't even believe myself lol to get fully used to the neck, quite beefy, nice dressed.

This one is set neck instead of bolt like the 60, which is more sustain and better sound-overall also the body is mahogany i believe and comes in quite some nice colors, think about it :P
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