Omg I just shaved my head and add to share.

From long hair to well..shaved lol

Profile pic is before and...

taught.mockery.and tomfoolries. welcome.make me cry pit.
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looks less emo

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Shave your eyebrows - it gives you special powers.
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You had pretty rad hair before, doesn't look too bad shaved though. I'm in the midst of growing my hair OUT right now
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I love you bro. I'd totally turn gay for you after that.

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that was not funny.


This thing follows me around for about a month each time it's posted.
you're a stone fox
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This thing follows me around for about a month each time it's posted.

It's only funny if you have at a hyperlink in
like I or the person I learned about it from did, and when someone's tone is the topic.

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The link isn't even in yellow, therefore it is unfunny.
you're a stone fox
I used to have long hair for like 4 years. Decided I didn't want it anymore. Cut it short like that. Haven't had long hair in about 3 years.

I prefer it short.