Hey guys so Ive been looking at my pickups lately and ive noticed they are lopsided. Like one side is higher than the other. My Bridge pickup is flat like right down against its housing case and my neck pickup is kind of...Well up on one side and down on the other. Does this affect anything? Sound? Sustain? Where should they be? Thanks!
Most of the time, the treble side should be slightly higher because lower strings have a greater signal even when flat.
I always put bridge as high as possisble without attracting the strings, get a bit more output.
Neck pup is prolly 3/4 to 5/8 of a cm off the strings.
Adjust to your liking though.
no real hard and fast rule. they should be adjusted to your liking, typically you would aim to get an even volume level from each pickup and from each string, this usually results in the treble side being closer to the strings.
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My Squire Bullet is the same, I believe it is to pickup the higher strings better.
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