Both of the pedals I use run on 9v batteries, and I'm sick of using them
problem is that they're not the same brand and I don't want to buy 2 ac power things
1 of the pedals I use is the Behringer V-Tone acoustic amp modeler
second is the boss DS-1
and I want to buy the Danelectro D3
Can I just buy the Boss AC power thing and use the ibanez dc3?
So the real question is, are all the power things the same?
yea you should be able to i was going to suggest a daisy chain and then i saw that you mentioned the ibanez one, never knew they made one :P i would even go as far as recomending a 1spot daisy chain in case you want to get more pedals in the future so you can power them all and a few more with the leftover links. but you should be fine with the ibanez dc3
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Yeah you can use one adapter with a daisy chain, as long as all the pedals are 9V DC and the power draw of the pedal combined do not exceed the amount of mA the adapter can supply.

These things are mentioned on the bottom of the pedal/adapter or in the manual if you want to check it.
The polarity on the plug is the same for all three so you don't have to worry about that.
The V-amp draws 25mA
DS-1 is 4mA
The Danelectro comes with a 300mA power pack, it will be lucky to draw half of that. Let's call it 100mA to be on the safe side.
That brings us to 129 mA, lets call it 150mA.
My bet would be that the Danelectro supply would be enough, you'd just need a Daisy chain. Any 9V plug pack with over 200 mA should do you fine. Negative tip plug.
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Ibanez ones aren't good to use with different power cables. There was a warning about them on website. And they took back all the power units off Ibanez Tube King cause of that.