I have read dozens of threads, but still not sure what I am looking for...You guys are a lively bunch and are not scared to tell it like it is, so here is my "issue":

Musical Pref's: I want to learn to play Blues/Classic Rock/Country

Experience: I have an Ibanez acoustic----Somewhere :-)

Budget: $500+- for Guitar/Amp

I am curious what the major Diffs' are between say a Fender Strat Hss,standard. HSS FSR. HH etc...I like the standard "Clapton" guitar look-a normal,plain, black/white, full size guitar...I prefer the "feel" of a full size guitar, though I have only held a couple over the years...

For the stlye of music I want to play, how important are the PUPS to the sound I want, and which setup is best overall, for that style of music?

I am disabled and simply want this an "activity" to enjoy while the kids are in school...I have wanted to learn to play for 30 years, but never had the time...I have NOTHING but time now, so no excuse not to learn-on the bucket list so to speak...

Also, this will be the ONLY guitar I buy, so I won't be "upgrading" as I learn...

Any suggestions on style that is best for my prefs' ?
I would go with an Hss guitar just to get the humbucker for some heavier rock tones, but an sss setup would be fine as well (iron maiden even uses Sss). You really are going to have to play a couple to discover which you prefer.

Whats more important for your sound is a good amp. Which I wont recommend as I dont play any of that stuff but classic rock, but it makes up the vast majority of your tone.

Scale is pertaining to # of frets generally (not always) but for your genres a 22 (or 21) fret guitar will suffice.
Shorter scales are under less tension, easier bends, warmer tone.
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FSR just means "Fender Special Run". http://ehow.com/facts_5981312_fender-fsr_.html

In pickup combinations, H stands for humbucker and S stands for single coil. Standard strat setup is three single coils (SSS), and HSS replaces the bridge pickup with a humbucker, which is two coils in series (higher warmer output).

You can't really go wrong with either option, maybe try before you buy if you can. All strats are full scale btw.

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Thanks for the quick reply...The HSS is 2 diff' types of PUPS correct?... So in theory, it is more versatile?....
I agree with the try before you buy, but I have no idea what "sound" I need to listen for...So my thoughts were to get an overall recommendation on an "all in one" style, then see which one "feels right"...Yes or no?
Sounds good to me, get advice on certain sounding guitars then pick one that you find comfortable.

(also inb4 coil taps on my last comment)

An hss strat would be worth trying, also a telecaster (s/s) and even a les paul (h/h)
Each guitar sounds drastically different. Try an sss strat too, not as twangy as the telecaster.
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Hello again guys...I finally got my guitar-New Fender Standard HSS...It is not the color I wanted, but the final price convinced me to be color blind...

I have some questions on "Learning Blues Scales, Amp Modeling Software, and General Setup" that I would like to ask, but want to know where to ask them...I have already searched for, and found, several great posts, but I have a few specific questions unique to my situation that I would like y'all s input on...

Those are three separate subjects, but they all three tie in to my situation, so I would like to ask in one single thread if possible...

Thanks again...