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A bead of sweat ran down her inner thigh, she reached down to wipe it away. A shiver ran up her spine as the tips of her fingers brushed against the smooth waxed skin and she felt a tingling sensation in her crotch. Biting down on her lower lip she tried to resist the urge to touch herself again, but it was too hard to resist. "Hell, why not", she thought to herself, "The cat was away so the mice should play!"

Hitching up her skirt she slipped a hand down between her legs. Sensing the warmth of her aching pussy she pushed the lacy white thong to one side and gently brushed a finger up and down over her freshly shaven mound. Her pussy opened, glistening with moisture, begging for more intermit attention. Slipping a finger inside she slowly traced the tip of her index finger around her rapidly swelling clit. Her cheeks and chest began to flush and she bit her bottom lip. Looking down she could see her hardened nipples pushing up through her flimsy b-cup bra and blouse; she slipped her left hand through an opening in her top and pushed at her right breast tweaking the nipple. Moving her finger over her now swollen clit she massaged it from side to side, her back arched and a powerful orgasm began to build in her pelvis.

"How naughty", she thought, after all anybody could walk through her office door at any moment! But this added to the frill and would make her orgasm that much stronger! And with that thought her thighs snapped together as her body shuddered with an explosive orgasm, she pushed down on her clit with her trapped hand to ring every last ounce out of the experience. Her body continued to shudder and spasm, eventually it was too much and she moved her hand away and eased back, panting, into the soft leather chair.

Perspiration covered her brow and cum soaked her knickers. After a brief moment lost in thought she stood up lent over and slipped off her soaked thong, hiding it away in the bottom draw of the desk. Satisfied she fell back into the chair and took a deep breath inhaling the intoxicating salty vapours lingering in the air. As she sat there she pondered on the fact that more recently as she pleasured herself, which she did quite a lot, her accompanying fantasies often involved women she knew, especially her new boss Ms. Smith.

Her ponderings were suddenly and rudely interrupted by the telephone, "Hello Ms. Smith's office, Vicky speaking". "Hello Victoria I'm back from lunch this afternoon's meeting has been postponed. Can you bring me an expenses form", "Sure thing Stephanie", replied Vicky. Standing up she straightened her blouse and skirt, tied back her hair and took an expenses form from the filing cabinet. On the way to Stephanie's office she paid a quick visit to the bathroom for a make up check, her face and neck were totally flushed, "Jesus", she thought, "I hope it's not too obvious what I've been up to". With a casual knock at the door she entered Stephanie's executive office. "An expenses form as requested", she smiled.

Stephanie Smith sat behind her desk she was a stunning woman in her late thirties, with blonde shoulder length hair, piercing blue eyes, curves to die for and a demeanour that commanded respect. She generally wore a dark coloured pencil lined skirt, a white open necked fitted shirt, black heals and stockings. She was immune to pressure, all male boardrooms and seemingly warm weather too! Vicky noticed that Stephanie was wearing her trademark stockings even though it was a ridiculously hot day. As she looked up her eyes met Stephanie's, "Crap, did she just catch me!", Vicky thought to herself blushing at the same time. Vicky had never given much thought to actually being with a woman, however, if she ever did, she would like her partner to look just like Stephanie Smith. "She'd press all the buttons and more!", thought Vicky.

"Can I help you with anything else", asked Vicky, "Please, can you grab my diary out of my bag", replied Stephanie, watching her P.A.'s every move. Without pausing for thought Vicky quickly turned her back on her boss and lent over to reach the diary from the bag on the floor. As soon as she did she felt her skirt hitch up at the back, right up to the tops of her legs. "Crap, no knickers!", she thought and paused. Then to her surprise she felt the touch of soft hands on the outside of her thighs, she was turned around slowly and found herself face to face with Stephanie. "I've been waiting to do this for weeks. I hope I haven't misread the signs?" Stephanie moved her lips towards Vicky and kissed her gently, Vicky did not pull away. Within no time they were French kissing in a passionate embrace. "Her lips and face are so soft, unlike my boyfriends", Vicky thought to herself.

Stephanie guided Vicky by the hips to the edge of the office desk and with a gentle push she encouraged her to sit on it. She unbuttoned Vicky's blouse and pushed her white lacy bra over her tits, cupping them in her hands she began to circle each nipple with the tip of her tongue. Vicky lent back and lay on the desk begging for more attention, wrapping her thighs tightly around Stephanie's waist. Stephanie followed her and started to intensely suck Vicky's tits, stopping to bite and flick the nipples with her teeth and tongue, all the while firmly massaging the ample handfuls of flesh. Kissing down to her belly button, Stephanie slowly parted Vicky's thighs and then knelt on the floor. Vicky peered over her breasts watching her boss disappearing between her legs. Stephanie hitched Vicky's skirt up to reveal her glistening engorged pussy, the smell of salty cum filled the air. "Do me!", Vicky found herself telling her boss. Without hesitating Stephanie began to expertly tong!
ue **** her secretaries aching pussy rhythmically circling and flicking the swollen clit.

Vicky laid back on the desk totally absorbed by this new experience enjoying the expertise of another woman, rather than the awkward fumblings of past men in her life. Grabbing hold of her tits she firmly squeezed them in time with the lapping motion of Stephanie's tongue flicking over her bulging clit. On the verge of cuming her back arched, she bit down hard on her lip and had the most intense multiple orgasm ever! Her cute ass bounced up and down off the large oak desk as a series of spasms shuddered through her body. Stephanie lapped up every last drop of salty cum before kissing Vicky's inner thighs. Vicky laid back totally satisfied not knowing that her boss had other plans for her yet!

Stephanie raised herself from the floor and took hold of Vicky's hands pulling her into a seated position on the edge of the desk, as they kissed Vicky could taste her own salty juices on Stephanie's lips, it tasted good! Stephanie directed Vicky's hands to the top button of her shirt, "Suck my tits you little bitch", she said with a wry smile on her face. Vicky felt like a little girl, this was definitely uncharted water! "I've never done this before, but I've wanted too", she said. "Don't worry you'll figure it out", replied Stephanie. Vicky unbuttoned the fitted shirt slowly, savouring each step as she exposed more and more of Stephanie's well-developed cleavage. Vicky slipped the shirt over Stephanie's shoulders and reached around the back to unclip her white lacy bra. The bra fell to the floor revealing Stephanie's chest, her tits were perfectly round, pert and big! "Bitch!", thought Vicky. Leaning forward Vicky cupped the breasts in her hands and began to tease the nip!
ples with the tip of her tongue, once they were erect she sucked on them hungrily pausing only to bite them. "Told you you'd catch on quick", said Stephanie.

Grabbing Vicky by the hips Stephanie pulled her over to her chair. Dropping back into the comfort of the soft leather Stephanie guided her secretary to sit on her knees. The stockings felt good against Vicky's swollen pussy; in one graceful movement she shifted, straddling across Stephanie's right thigh. Slowly she began to rub her crotch against the silky material, whilst tugging at her sensitive erect nipples. Stephanie sat back for a moment watching whilst her assistant pleasured herself. Totally lost in the moment Vicky adjusted her balance so all the stimulation was centred on her already engorged clit, with her back arched a further multiple orgasm shuddered through her. "Now it's my turn. Get down on your knees you randy little slut", commanded Stephanie.

As instructed Vicky lowered herself on to her knees between Ms. Smith's thighs, the air was saturated with the smell of cum. Stephanie hoisted her skirt up to her waist revealing some skimpy side-tie lacy knickers. Vicky slid her hands over the tops of Stephanie's silky thighs to untie the bows. The flimsy knickers fell away easily exposing a smooth wet pussy. "Jesus! You're dripping". "Shut up and put me out of my misery". Vicky kissed slowly up Stephanie's inner thighs, teasing her into an orgasm. Then she began to tongue **** her boss licking up all the sweet salty juices. Stephanie lay back in her chair massaging her huge tits and tweaking her pert nipples. Vicky flicked her tongue from side to side over Stephanie's swollen clit. "Quicker!". "No you can wait!", said Vicky as she gripped Stephanie's thighs. Then she sped up bringing Stephanie to a climatic multiple orgasm, cum dripped from her shaven pussy and Vicky lapped up every last salty drop.

Raising herself to her feet Vicky sat back down on Stephanie's lap. Leaning inward she kissed her boss passionately sharing the salty cum smeared all over her lips. Moving closer she rested her head on Stephanie's shoulder pressing her pert breasts against Stephanie's more ample cleavage. "That was my first time, did I do okay?", asked Vicky softly. "Lets just say I'm glad I put in that special request to have you as my P.A."
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