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Feel The Wind is interesting. Vocals and guitar are really good for the style. Musically the drums and bass are good, but I'd like to hear the drums recorded properly, because they're too obviously MIDI, and I think there are a couple of timing issues in places as a result. I like the lead guitar work and am impressed with the lyrics. You have a good voice. Nice effect on the guitar at the end too.

Frequently is far more appealing to me, but that's just a musical taste thing. Cool synth sounds, and the drums work well with the rest of the music. There's not a lot going on in the intro though, maybe add another melody? Emotive vocals, love the layering there as well. All I would say is it's hard to make the lyrics out at times, but maybe that's the point. Really interesting song, I like it!
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Feel the Wind: drums beat comes in driving and ready to go but it does sound very robotic. im not sure what you use but if possible it would probably help to lower the 2nd/3rd kicks in the part where there is three right in a row since if someone was playing that the first one would be the most prominent but then there wouldnt be as much recovery time for the next two so it wouldnt be as prominent a kick. sick bassline coming in now and the drums take their place in the back of the mix and at this point they are fine and just doing their part. the vocals are true to your style ive gotten to know over the course of a few reviews. the cool thing about this is that unlike some of your songs, just about any kind of vocals could work over the music but the way youve done it its like your own signature on the song. i really dig the bassline here and i think thats probably whats giving it the 80s vibe im feeling (at least in part). ill say i was really confused when the song just ended the first time. its quite abrupt, but after going back and listening to it again i see what you did there and i actually think its pretty cool.

Frequently: Just starting it up and im definitely getting a kraftwerk vibe from this one. the part of the vocals where you say "same" in never be the same and subsequent parts with the same little technique help give this song a pretty distinct vibe. by the end i was thinking its almost a bit spooky but that vocal bit gives it a desperate and almost manic feel to it. I would say distant could be another word id use to describe the feel i got from this. I think the effects you typically use on vocals always make them sound a little bit distant, though it doesnt always carry over into changing the whole vibe of the song. coupled with the electronic melodies in this one (especially in the last 30 seconds ago) im definitely feeling a distant / spacey vibe.

thanks for checking out my song and leaving your link, its always a pleasure to review your music
Feel the wind: Really dig the bassline. It sounds like the guitar should be just a bit heavier during the chorus and the solo. It's been said before, but the drums sound really plain and would sound much better if they were recorded off of real drums. It might just be my personal preference, but I think there's just a tiny bit too much delay/reverb on the vocal track.

Frequently: Enjoyed the synth in this. If you were going for a spacey sound, almost psychedelic, you definitely nailed it. The vocal parts sounded like they were influenced by ozzy. I like that you have more than one vocal track, I think it would sound really cool if you panned them a bit differently.

Good job with the songs man!
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Both tracks are really good. They have a very unique sound to them. I also feel the drums in Feel the wind could do with a little more work to make them fell a little more human. The drum work in Frequently is much better. All of the fills are really effective. You are really good and adding textual interest with your synth sounds. Always adding new sound to keep the listener interested. I did think the synth solo in Frequently was great but I don't think it suited the song. I thought it was a little too busy. But overall I really enjoyed both tracks.
Good job man!
Feel the wind - Song structure was pretty good and I like your voice. I didn't like the rhythm guitar tone sounded very harsh and thin. I thought drums sounded cool but didn't fit rest of the song, also the effect on your vocals were interesting at first but got to be too much later on.

Frequently - I liked this song alot more. So much so, that I actually played it twice. The synth lead is really cool, adds alot of texture. Also I liked your vocal melody on this. Drums and bass were on point too.

My suggestion is that vocals sound great until 1:22 when it comes back in later, it is a bit hard to understand and too chatoic (1:40-...)

I wish you would keep repeating 1:23 - 1:30. That was easily the catchiest vocal part where you go "(I ove you the hey? or something like that). Would be a great melody in the back to keep singing over.

Thanks for critting my song.

I listened to both of your songs and I agree with ibanezfaz your sound is unique, it reminds me of 80's music. As for "Feel the wind", like jmako wrote, drums seems to be a little bit robotic, though after some time it's not so noticeable and eventually they fit the mood of the song, like your voice and style of your singing, so I guess it's ok, but kick is too silent, you should bring it up. I like the bass line and the guitar line reminds me of punk, at some moments, mostly the beginning.

As for "Frequently", it's beginning reminds me of some Nintendo 80's game and I agree with joe sabbagh, your vocal on it sounds like it was influenced Ozzy. I don't know what more I could write, I like it, it's decent song, though I prefer "Feel the wind".

Overall, good work, keep it up and cheers
Feel The Wind -
First off, what did you do for the bass? Is it a synth or did you actually play that? I love the tone. I don't think the guitar sits high enough in the mix for my taste. When the drums first came in I didn't really like them, but they do serve well in the mix. Especially for the style it seems you're going for. Pretty good song, keep it up.
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Thank you for listening & for the comments! The drums in "Frequently" are Superior Drummer 2, that's why they sound better than the Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas drums (driven by an old Alesis sequencer) in "Feel the Wind" (though I occasionally like the processed 80's drum sound). I like Ozzy's vocals, but I wasn't trying to sound like him; I'll take it as a compliment though. I don't think it would enter my mind to attempt to sound like Ozzy unless I was singing a hard rock or metal song. Ron, did you ever live in Tennessee? Maybe a different Ron Howard musician. For "Feel the Wind", it's a real Yamaha RBX260 electric bass, I'm playing it purely with my fingers on that song. That song was recorded on a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder. There was a factory preset insert effect called CompBass on the electric bass. I know it had compression, but forget if there were other effects (I don't think it had any amp models on that preset; there are no bass amp models on that effects unit).
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Feel The Wind. I like the intro, pretty cool sounding. The bass also has a nice sound to it. How did you record and EQ bass? The vocals are really, really good for this type of music. Props for that! Nice lead as well. The drums are what I don't like, maybe it's right for this style but I'm personally don't like the sound. Anyway, song is very-well structured and executed.

Frequently. I like that sound it the beginning. Drums sound a bit better in this mix. Nice little melodies going on, but they seem a bit typical or something. Damn, you are really good with vocals and I think that is your best asset. Really keep that up. Thanks for your crits on my work
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Ron, did you ever live in Tennessee? Maybe a different Ron Howard musician.

Yea, I lived in Greeneville forever. I moved to GA 6 months ago cause of an accident/medical stuff. My real name is Tim, we've probably talked on the buzz or something before.
Thank you for the reviews! You'll have to read my previous post about the bass on "Feel the Wind". On my electric bass tone knob it was maximum during the chorus & -90 degrees from maximum on the verse. The recorder EQ on the bass is +5dB at 1.4 kHz.

I have never been on the buzz. I'm pretty sure you commented on my music several months (or more) ago on this same forum. For me it's fun to know what location a reviewer is commenting from.
Feel The Wind - Real nice bass line, booming drum sound. The vocals have a really interesting effect on them. The guitar's ok as well. I remember hearing Speak Those Words and Take It All Away. You definitely have a very signature sound. I don't know if it's the shitty laptop speakers, but the vocals sound a little too high in the mix. They kind of drown out the other instruments. However, the vocals are damn good, possibly the best thing here, not to say the rest is bad. Pretty cool song.

Frequently - Nice synth. The drums are very fitting. I love the vocals here. They sound insane. It's like listening to the mind of a shiczo, really cool stuff. Another great song, and thanks for checking mine out
Feel the Wind :: Oh hello 80s. I don't know if it's echo or what effect you have on the vocals, you can afford to tone it down lightly as Iommipage said, it drowns out the rest of the instruments. Cool effect for the outro. I feel like it's all well played and good emotion in the vocals but it's a weird one - I don't know if it's the type of song you keep on repeat for 50 plays but it's certainly distinct. I'm in two minds about it. Maybe you could throw in a rock solo?

Frequently :: Love the sound of the synth bass. Around 0:55 I began thinking of Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack. Sweet synth solo at 2:27. Drums are well done. Is it possible to mix your vocals to be clearer and as sweet & thick as the synths? Again, another real distinct piece and what I sense you're going for... sounds great. Keep it up my man.
In general I quite like the quirkiness of both tunes and the sort of new wave-ish feel your music has. Drums can sound really synthy, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences I suppose. Great textures all over the place to sort of shift the sound a bit and to keep it interesting. Still diggin it man, keep up the good work
Feel The Wind - The bass is pretty awesome, that 80's sounding snare is pretty awesome. Overall the song structure is pretty awesome, The vocals are also cool as always. The guitar is a little weird, but it really adds to the whole feel of the song. All in all its really nice

I will review another once I get the time to listen. :P
Thanks for the feedback

Feel the Wind - I love the bass line and the overall song structure but sometimes I felt that in some parts where the mixing seemed a bit chaotic. I'd have to echo some of the previous comments in terms of the guitar doesn't sit high enough in the mix for my liking.

Frequently - You have a tendancy to write some good bass lines Loved the synth and the overall feel of this song which makes it better than Feel the Wind in my eyes. Some pretty cool effects going on, and I like your vocal style it has some pretty unique phrasing. I don't usually listen to stuff like this but you put together a good song which kept me interested until the end. Good work
Feel The Wind: I feel like this could use a different vocal line. The one that you're singing right now doesn't feel all that in sync with what the guitars are playing. And it's a shame because the guitars are playing some decent stuff there. The drums and bass could use a little less action, I just feel as though there's far too much going on there. If you kept it a little more simple with the kick drum and the bass line, I feel like the guitar part could stand out a lot more.

Frequently: This track is funky. Looooooove these synth lines you've put down. I'm not sure whether it's an issue of understanding where you're coming from with these vocals, but your recording/singing style is a little bit troubling. I would go as far as to say that it doesn't need that lower octave. The ending synth riff is awesome. You've done fantastic things on this song. A lot better than Feel The Wind.

Thanks for comment to my topic !

I like this songs catcy feeling. That bassline really gets balls on it. Drums sound so much like machine, so i didint like that. Those vocals isnt in my taste, but that kinda goth music those will be good.
Thanks for the critique dude! I think the only down side of your songs are the drums. Other than that every thing is cool. I like the 80s vibe that you have
Feel the wind: fantastic when the bass comes in and humps your face. personally I don't like the sound of the MIDI drums. I think it would sound a lot better recorded acoustically. Also thought the vocals could do with a touch less reverb to 'clean the air' a bit. Sounds good though. I like the vocal style and it really suits the song well. The guitar sound could do with being a bit fatter I think. More bass and mids to my ears. Sounds a bit thin in the mix to me.

Frequently: same thing about the drums. I think the synth-line is good. It's quite obvious (not in a bad way) and that hits the button for this kind of music. Very Kraftwerk-esque. I think you've got a good musical niche hit and it will be interesting to see where you go from here.

(c4c if you wish
Hey man, thanks for your feedback!

Feel the Wind - The drums are alright, but the sound kinda stock, like basic presets or samples. The bass is nice but I think it seems too trebley, maybe it's just me though. The guitar part sounds pretty good, a tad out of tune to my ears. The vocals are great! They have a good sound. They could come down a bit in the mix though. Overall nice track.

Frequently - LOVE the synth that starts the song. Drums sound better in this one. The synth lead lines are great. I'm really liking the synth sounds going on here. The vocals again sound great, mixed better than the other one IMO. Like this one alot more than the other one, great job!
Feel the Wind: Great lyrics. Initially before the vocals came in I thought I was about to hear a generic simple riff based tune over a midi drum track but the vocals really made the song for me. The vocal melody is catchy as hell. Sort of reminded me of a Depeche Mode/ the cure kind of feel. The guitar was a little sloppy, but it works for the feel of the song and kind of accents the almost "Bizarre" vibe that I think you are going for. Overall, I liked it. It was original sounding and I felt like I was listening to something new rather than a regurgitation of other people's styles.

Frequently: Also liked the vocals on this song for the same reasons stated above. This song was a little more generic to me just because of the nonndescriptness of the arpeggio effect of the keyboard, still though you maintained your unique sound, just not quite so much as the first song. However, the synth solo was really really sweet. Clean, interesting, and another original sounding song.
First; Feel the wind

Right in with the 80's and it is the dark alternative kind a 80's.
I do feel the guitar is low in the mix but we guitarists are gonna say that ain't we? =P
solo was a bit of key for my tastes, I know it's a kinda style that is used out there, cobain was good at them, and there was some good ones employed by bowies guitarist who's name slips my mind.
solid work.

Right then next!

Yeah this reminds of miami vice stuff , jan hammer was it?
I think this would have been better without the vox, just to keep it clear...the singing is quite random and does detract from the nice synths underneath.

good stuff dude let us know when the next 2 drop.
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Thanks for the reviews, I appreciate it! Yes, Jan Hammer did Miami Vice (I do like some of his music).
Thanks for the feedback.

Feel the Wind - Drums sound pretty huge in this track which is cool but they almost drown out the guitar at some points. I like the solo, you have some cool note choices and the ending is great. Maybe a bit too much echo on the vocals but otherwise good.

Frequently - Intro synths are pretty generic sounding but they sound better when you start layering them. I think your singing is better on this track, kinda sounds like Mastodon, but I think the song ended a bit quickly, I was expecting another verse or something. Nevertheless, good song I enjoyed it
bass on the intro to feel the wind sounds really good, as do the guitars, not quite sure why the genre its under is listed as "goth" lol, i mean its got a bit of a cure esque vibe but to my ears its more like death cab for cutie style- alt rock.

Not overly keen on the synth on Frequently, but thats just my own preference, musically its very tight and well put together, and the drums on this track really stood out for me, understated but solid. The distorted vocals were a bit too much for me on this one as well, its as if there was just too much going on at once lol. But overall, it was really quite good (as i've come to expect from you :p) keep it up.
thanks for the crit bro
nice to hear some cure influence
i dont agree with the mixing on the overall bass and drums, it sounds a little mechanical
other than this the first track is dope

second track
im liking the synth tones, the drums are cool, the vocals remind me of robert smith so much
i didnt know people were still into this genre of music. pretty awesome
cheers for the crit

Feel The wind: i like the backing track to this quite a lot. EQ wise for the bass/ treble sides of the melody are pretty decent. while there's nothing wrong with the dum sound, just from a little personal preference i might consider putting a tiny bit of distortion (and i mean tiny) on the drums cos they seem to have not quite enough bite when you compare them to the other instruments in the song. Vocals:now this is probably just cos i generally don't listen this style of music much, but for the sort of vocal line you sing in this song, i might prefer to tone down the use of FX as it makes the vocal sound slightly disjointed at some points on a musical level (not timing).....though of course this might be what you were planning

Frequently: contrastingly, the use of effects on Vox in this song works fine. ties in more with the more synthy sound. would say that i would like to have heard more the extra synth that comes in at 0.50 as i think adds a perfect contrast to the main synth backing.
Returning a crit from my drop G#-thread.

I listened to Frequently. I like the synth intro, really gives me an 80's vibe.
It's well recorded, sound quality is good and everything is tight.
I'm not a fan of the vocal style, but that's all personal preference.

Overall, I like it!
You need to work on many things, especially your drums and guitar tone. Your bass tone is already pretty decent, but I would really suggest looking into some better-sounding drum samples, or at least giving the beats you have more variation and dynamics.
The guitar sound is way too thin and fizzy, I strongly suggest you checkt out the "ONLY VST Amp" thread that's floating around here, there's ways to get excellent guitar tones for completely free.
Pretty good, I'd definitely work on the drum samples in 'Feel the Wind', they sound incredibly cheesy and distracting. I think the vocals need a little high end boost, (in both tracks) the S's aren't very clear and it sounds a little muffled. But other than those little things, good tracks!

Thanks for checking out my track too
Hey Aaron. Sorry about the late reply!
Kind of forgot about my thread since I've start back at work haha
But here's my critic:

Feel the Wind
The intro reminds me a lot of New Order. This vocals are very reminiscent of 80's era art/pop
Love the harmonics you added in about 1:45
The bass sounds really hard hitting and clear, something I dont do very often.
You could do with panning the guitars L/R and double tracking them to thicken out the sound and maybe turning the cymbals down a bit?

Again, keeping the 80's feel, but with artists like Hurts out now it still sounds very current.
The over main keyboard loop is really cool and drives the song well. Reminds me of Depeche Mode.

Overall I'm not a massive fan of the vocals or drums, but thats more then likely down to my personal taste, but you obviously have a talent for song writing and structure.
Out of the two, Frequency is the better track.

Keep it up and sorry for the late reply!
Hi Aaron, sorry for being really really late replying to your crit.

Feel The Wind: the vocal effect is great. But it is a little over-powering at times. Maybe turn down the effect a little bit? Otherwise it's great, it's got attitude.

Frequently: I think it needs more bass man. But the drumming is so good. Did you play that?
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! For "Frequently", that is the drum software Superior Drummer 2 (probably mostly factory drum patterns, but I did some drum programming also).
feel the wind had a nice rock feel to it, it reminds me of some early ozzy with some megadeth mixed in.
the intro to frequently reminded me of daft punk a bit but the more it got into it it seemed to have a white stripes/green day feel to it
listened to Feel the Wind. Pretty cool track. The bass on the drums seemed very mechanical, are you using drum machine? either way i liked the vocal melody. Definitely a cool song keep it up!
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