Hi guys,

I've been a bit MIA lately, had a big old holiday and got myself a new epiphone valve senior head, so had to build myself a new cab for it!

Didn't take any photos along the way but here's a few for you to look at, and critique and so forth.

Hard ply frame, covered in black leather. Front baffle covered in black cloth and screwed to the frame from the inside.

2x three way crossover circuits with 2x 12", 2x 6.5", 2x tweeters. Series/parallel switch for 4ohm/16ohm output selection.

My first cab build so didn't come out too bad, I'm happy with it.


That's really awesome. I love how plain it looks. Very neat job, it matches the head nicely.

How does it sound?
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Thanks man, the valve senior sounds great, really nice tone. I think having the 3 way crossovers really helped, the different sounds are very distinctive.

I thought they'd be more common eh? I mean they're not that expensive but I think they make a fair bit of difference!, I'll work on getting a clip up we'll see!