AAL fan reporting in. Tosin is a sick guitarist. His techniques are so off the wall, its great. I've yet to hear their second album though, but i'll get to it eventually. I have a relatively long list of albums to listen to before i reach it.
Huge AAL fan here. I've got both of their albums (got the new one signed by Tosin) and I've seen them live twice. One of my favorite bands for sure.
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i havent listened to too much of their material, but this band is absolutely fvcking ridiculous . The only thing that bothers me a bit is the "djent" guitars, i overlistened to meshuggah at one point ahahaa

much respect for abasi, his guitar playing and musical sensibilities is just something else . There's a guy who's working hard on writing and playing some innovating music, and most definitely not for the pussy