Anyone here seen it? I'm about to watch it right now

I'm not even a fan of Kings of Leon (although I like their earlier stuff), but when I saw the trailer I was looking practically everywhere for it. The band didn't release it on DVD or anywhere on the interwebs, just a few limited cinema releases across the US.

Some how though, I found the little slippery bugger. Pirated it (don't give me shit about this, how else do I watch it?) and By some miracle, I just got away with it (high five stack for reference).

So, pit. Anyone seen it?
They did massive a DVD release for it...
i've seen it, not that great really and the lighting in it really bugged me
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Not sure I catch your drift.

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They did massive a DVD release for it...
i've seen it, not that great really and the lighting in it really bugged me

Guess I owe the band a few bucks then, I'll give it to them next time I see them.

Yeah I don't think it's that great now that I've seen it, partially my fault for building it up so much. I like it, it's just not as amazing as I thought it would be.
the best part is the end when they are actually playing Talihina Sky. good movie, kinda funny especially when that dude is talking about good deals on socks at the local store.
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I thought it was decent, but then again I like Kings of Leon, so its kind of cool to see where they came from. I don't really understand all the hate the band gets, they make pretty good music and put on a good show. I actuallly went to see them before I heard more than two of their songs, and I left the concert very impressed.
Yeah I remember that part

When I first heard of them I truly despised them, cause the first song I heard was 'Use Somebody'. Then my friend (who practically grew up with their music) introduced their first couple albums to me, and i couldn't hate them at all. I like them, I just really can't get into them.
I`ve seen it, and if you`re a big KOL fan like I am you'll really enjoy it. if you got anymore questions just ask