Hey everyone. The drummer in my band bought a guitar from a friend a while ago. He hasn't touched it since. So our bassist and I decided that it would be cool to be able to use it to practice on. This is the guitar: http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0321603506

I want to help my friend (drummer) out and install a decent humbucker and better set of single coils so that it would sound decent, especially since we play metal. Since the bassist and the drummer really dig the metallic pick guard, I want to know where we can buy one that is routed for an H/S/S configuration. Fender's site was no help at all and I found nothing on Google.

Also, any idea on what pickups we should put into the guitar. It's a decent guitar, mid-ranged I guess. I have no idea what pups would do the job. I was guessing SDs, but I want more opinions. Nothing too pricey, we're just high school kids playing for fun and none of us can really afford anything that expensive.
honestly, i would just throw in a single coil sized humbucker, not exactly the 'real thing' but they still sound good, >90% wouldn't even notice, quite a few of us may be able to on here, but i don't think too many other people would. i think SD makes a SC sized version of the JB. seems to be a popular pickup (although i don't care for them), a lot of people swear by them.

i personally would not bother replacing the other positions, unless you use them a lot. if you wanted to do something and stay cheap you could buy a used set of fender texas specials off of ebay. i have seen them relatively cheep. its kind of a bang for your buck type thing. the are stock in a few fenders and sound a lot better than MIM pickups. IIRC, the last thing i remember about my squire (kept in another state for having a guitar when i travel, was remembering that the pickups weren't all that bad as i thought.

just starting looking for what you like in terms of pickups.

that is what i would do

the metal pickguitars are cool, but i wound't mess that one up to fit a bucker in there. you can find plenty of metal pickguards, but they come with a price. maybe like $40 or something.
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