First one I've written in a while, quite heavily focused on rhythm and fairly bare at times. Not too sure if it's too 'out there' but I like it. Considering adding a vocal melody over the top also. RSE highly suggested for this one.
Places To See, People To Be.gp4
Places To See, People To Be.gp5
The first thing I *have* to ask is...did you have any particular influences for this song? I ask because its some of the coolest stuff I've heard on GP and I've never heard any bands that much like it.

My favorite thing about this piece is the percussion, its absolutely outstanding. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the parts and it totally shows. I get a world-music vibe from some of the percussion actually which is awesome The basslines throughout were top notch, and the guitar parts complimented the rhythm section very well.

This isn't really a very good crit but I honestly can't think of anything for you to improve on here. I'm gonna have to check out some of your other stuff because if its a similar quality to this I know I'll be blown away. This was so good man, keep it up.

Also: I'd really appreciate your advice on my piece 'Neptune' (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1514794) but you really don't have to return this crit if you don't want to considering I didn't really give you any proper advice, haha.
What a great little piece this is. It's so unique. I don't have a great deal to say about the piece but I thought the ending was rather unfitting. However I think if the Bass ostinato around bars 39-42 is extended and developed. Allow the soundscape to become more frantic, dissonant, and then let the listener down gently with the outro you have.

You could also let the distorted guitar double up on the bass while another lead guitar could outline some dissonant sweeps or something. Then you could take the intensity down a bit by having a distorted guitar solo and superimpose an upbeat chord progression on the current ostinato. I would look to the section starting at about 5:36 in Fire Garden Suite by Steve Vai. He starts superimposing chords at about 5:55.

Might give you some ideas, might not. Would be interesting anyway.

Otherwise I enjoyed the piece very much. Keep doin' what'cha do!
Woh, love the song dude, bass is so grovey lol, love how you used sound effects with this it works very well with the song haha. the whole tim eit was playing i was reading, very soothing. keep it up mang no complaints form me. =]

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