Hello everybody,
I have a little problem when I try to record my electric guitar. I am going from my amps headphone output, to the line-in of a Roland Duo-Capture, which is connected via USB to my Laptop. Now I found out, that I have to unplug the charger from my Laptop in order to eliminate all the noise.
The problem is that when I unplug the charger, the recorded sound changes! It doesn't sound as clear as it did when the laptop was still on the charger.
I already set all the power options to stay the same when the laptop is unplugged but its still not the same.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you!

This happened to my friend, you have to lift the ground of your laptop charger.
Buy one of those 3-to-2 prong convertors and don't connect the ground tab.

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^ i hate when people suggest doing that for any piece of equipment. its removing a safety feature that is there for a reason. i mean it may fix the issue so that it sounds the same, but it will probably sound like the less clear version (on battery) if it does.

i would suggest trying to plug the laptop and the battery into the same outlet if they are not already. that should help get rid of some of the grounding issues from two different power sources.
First of all thx for the replies!
I'll try the method with removing the ground, but yeah that doesn't seem like a long term fix though. I don't want to fry my laptop.

And jof1029, what do you mean connect them to the same outlet? The battery is in the Laptop and gets charged through the charger while its still running. I only have one thing to plug into the wall.
It won't fry your laptop if you plug it in rightside up like a normal person.

And he meant plug in your computer and amplifier into the same outlet/strip, which I hope you tried before even making this thread.

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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not removing the ground isnt about frying the laptop, its about safety. if you lift the ground correctly using a ground lift plug that ties the ground and return, its ok. not as good as the third prong being ground, but not horrid. most people just break off the third prong and this is not safe.

and yes, what i meant was that your amp and your laptop should be plugged into the same outlet or power strip. for some little issues, it is suprising how much of a difference this can make.
Thx again for all the replies!
So I bought one of those adapters to change the 3 pins to 2 pins and now its sounds like the laptop is unplugged constantly. The good thing is that almost all the noise is gone now, but as i mentioned before, the sound is different. It is not as clear and more muffled. Is there any way to fix this?
Btw they were both plugged into the same outlet the whole time and I tried different outlets in the house, but there was no change.

After trying around a little bit, I noticed that there is still a lot more noise than when the laptop is unplugged completely!
So now what? I read somewhere that I can use an isolation transformer, which would be out of my budget though, or also that the ground on one side of the cable that interconnects the laptop and amp can be removed.
Would that be a good idea? Doesn't seem very safe to remove all the grounds
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Any ideas? I would really like to start recording but the sound is very frustrating! I just want the sound that I get when I plug my headphones in the amp to be recorded!
I have the same problem and just unplug the mains charger when I'm recording and plug it back in when I'm not.
Simple easy fix. ;0)
Yeah but the problem is that my Laptop is old and the battery lasts around 5min ( I can get a new one I know ). What I'm trying to figure out though is what the sound changes so much when its unplugged!