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This isn't about the academic side (mostly), because even if you don't like the work load, you know you need the degree.

This is more about the social side, going out etc.

Before I went, uni was painted as this non stop party with crazy nights with interesting subject matter.

I'm halfway through (2nd year of a 3 year course) and I feel like I just want to get on with my life. Last year I went out tonnes, met girls, drank loads. This year I just can't be arsed. Money is a pain so I only go out once/twice a week and with having so few lectures, my days are just, empty. When I've worked full time back home, I've moaned about it but I love the routine. I find sleep hard because my days are empty.

I just want to get on with my career. I want to be a teacher, so I need this degree. I've done so much work relating to kids, so it annoys me that I have to go through another year and a half of boredom.

Anyway, I've ranted enough, when you got to uni, was it all it was cracked up to be? Am I just getting old?

inb4 get a job (no jobs in my city), get friends (I have friends who i see daily, but it still doesn't fill my day and my best mate is home dealing with personal stuff)
I'm in the same position. I am just so sick of being in education at times that I find motivating myself hard. Plus, I am always skint which never helps

Its probably worse by the fact that I already have a grad job offer, so just looking forward to that all the time is making it harder
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I know what you mean. I used to find weekends especially tedious, seeing as I mainly went out during the week.

It's like anything; once the novelty wears off you're left with the reality.

Saying that though, I had the best time at uni and wouldn't have changed any of it.
I have no idea where the misconception that uni is all about parties, drugs and sex came from.

During the semester we're always busy with projects, and between semesters half of the people go home to their parent's, or people are busy with extra-curricular projects.
The only guys who could go out all the time throughout their entire degree were Geography and Business students.
Everyone else I knew, studying sciences (Biology, Biomed, Medicine, Geology, mostly), had had enough by the end of first year, and spent most of their time either working in uni, working at home, or eating/sleeping. Rather than going out, we all usually just went to the local pub for a few quiet pints.

Now we've all graduated, pretty much everyone just wants to find a proper job and get on with their career.

The whole "uni is one big party" thing is only relevant if you're a first year, or doing an easy degree. Geography, Business, the Arty-Farty courses that don't really lead on to any actual jobs.

EDIT: If you think the down time at uni is bad, just wait til you graduate! I've spent the last six months on jobseekers benefits, because I can't find any job at all. Absolute hell.
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My girlfriend is doing a 4 year teaching degree, and she pretty much has no time to go out, especially since you have to do loads of extra work to better your chances of a job at the end of it.
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Employers put too much into getting someone who has been on a uni/college course.

Doing well in Uni doesn't necessarily mean you'll do well in a job.
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I'm halfway through (2nd year of a 3 year course) and I feel like I just want to get on with my life. Last year I went out tonnes, met girls, drank loads. This year I just can't be arsed. Money is a pain so I only go out once/twice a week and with having so few lectures, my days are just, empty. When I've worked full time back home, I've moaned about it but I love the routine. I find sleep hard because my days are empty.

I felt like this in 2nd year. Not so much this year cos there's more work, and it's more interesting work. But yeah I really just want to get on with my life.
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My girlfriend is doing a 4 year teaching degree, and she pretty much has no time to go out, especially since you have to do loads of extra work to better your chances of a job at the end of it.

I'd prefer that. I need routine.

Also as a male in a primary school industry, I'm pretty much guaranteed a job
I'm hopefully doing Music in October in London. It's only a one year course so it should be a breeze and plenty of time for fun and stuff.
Aye, that was one thing they said to her on her placements - the men progress faaaar quicker than the women.
I failed first year of Uni 3 times .. by fail I mean didn't try .. you know you needed 40% to pass first year, well I got 7% .. and didn't care 1 bit. I only went for the social side .. I even told my dad the social side of it comes first and if I somehow get a degree out of it it's just a bonus .. and he agreed.

My 4th year I wasn't enrolled at uni but I stayed in a student house with my uni mates and I worked while they studied .. still the parties were going strong.

Then I left England and have been travelling non-stop for a few years now .. found a shit ton of different random jobs in random countries .. gone from earning thousands of dollars a week in the mines (with **** all qualifications) to busking for noodles and sneaking into hostels to sleep in their TV rooms .. I wouldn't have left on this trip that will probably last my whole life if it wasn't for this chick I met at uni who did what i'm doing now for a little bit and it inspired me.

I'd trade adventure for a career any day.

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Lawschool sucked.

Next year, however, I'll be a practising Lawyer and I'll have hoes and hegemony.
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Like any stage of your life, it is what you make it. My college life is full of excitement, wonder, and growth because I make it that way, and the rest of my life will follow.
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In my university, social interaction at least for me is almost none, I just go there, take classes and come back home. Hope that changes when I go to the other campus and I stay in a dorm there.
I partied my first two years then left because I figure I don't need to be stacking up student loans just to socialize. So I just lived in a house with my friends that were still attending and still partied. I hate the word party though, glorified hang out session. When I got that out of my system I then decided to further my education.

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Employers put too much into getting someone who has been on a uni/college course.

Doing well in Uni doesn't necessarily mean you'll do well in a job.

No but it shows you can commit to something.

When it comes to job hunting, college is the new high school these days.
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There's more social stuff going on than I expected, actually. I'm not really part of that thing though, I only go out once a week. Sometimes I wish I picked an easier major D:

I'm surprised I've made as many friends as I have, though. I usually find it extremely hard to make friends so yeah feels weird
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My time at University has been fantastic. In my first term I didn't make many friendships, one even went sour, but second term was different. I met a whole bunch of people who were much cooler and consolidated good friendships with a number of individuals. It was also an exciting time as new things were propping up which would continue into the next year.

In second year I had a vast range of experiences and met many new people and friends. I got involved in many social circles, and even academic ones. I got involved in many different societies, meeting an incredible range of people and learning a lot. I had befriended plenty of people to the point I used to always stop and chat with so many individuals when walking across campus.

I was involved in the emerging political culture on campus, including actively taking part. I was one of the individuals who first called for what would end up being the longest student occupation during the tuition fees reform.

This year I still have a wide circle of friends, and a fair number of good and close friends. My social sphere isn't as wide, but I've got more good friendships, more than I sufficiently need, which is awesome.

I've also set up a philosophy society which has ended up being much more successful than the previous one.

I can go on and on. I guess it's really how you spend your time at University. For me, these have been the best years of my life by an incredible margin.

EDIT: Now I'm in third year, I no longer just want to move into a career. Got transitional anxiety, which mostly involves weighing up my options. (I've got clear cut possible routes I can take.) The only time I've felt like just getting a career as soon as possible was when I was doing shit work. I never get that in philosophy because it's the best thing in the world. History can vary.
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1) Your social status is judged almost soley to how much you drink and how many girls you fuck
2) The parties suck because you never, ever know anybody there
3) Everything seems tedious
4) You will have almost no money to be able to afford nights out
5) If you're doing a REAL degree, you'll be working almost constantly and won't have time for partying anyway.

This is coming from a 2nd year. I have 2 years left. Partying has definitely lost its appeal. These days I just want to have a quiet one in the pub with some mates. Only the first year is where the fun happens. It just seems so juvenile and contrived.
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5) If you're doing a REAL degree, you'll be working almost constantly and won't have time for partying anyway.

I think it depends on the school but the whole party scene is definitely over exaggerated by the mainstream media. As far as extra time goes where the hell are you finding that? I feel like I'm almost always working on something school related. The workload for my major is pretty insane.
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My university is not a party school, we have parties here but there are strict minor in possession laws that discourage partying, so as compared to Western Michigan, Ferris State, Michigan State, or Michigan Tech, we are pretty tame. And I am totally okay with that.
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I am a senior now and this has been the best four years of my life. Yeah I been working my ass off (and I just accepted a job for when I graduate), but I met a bunch of great friends and have memories I'll always remember.

Is it like people think? Not really. You have to work your ass off in most degrees (if you actually go to a respectable school). Can to go party? Yeah a little, but if you party all the time you are going to fail a lot of classes and have a shit gpa. I went out partied and all the fun stuff freshmen year. Sophomore year it got harder so I only went out ocassionaly, and since then it's been even less.

If you can prioritize and manage time you can party at least once every weekend. I personally don't cause I like spreading out my workload and chilling occasionally during the week. Some people around here go out on Thursday but I'd never do that.
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It is if you're doing something useful and want to be there. If you feel like you "have" to go but would rather do something else, I'd go with the "something else". You can always apply as a mature student later.

I've had great nights out and all that, but really I can't be bothered with the party all night every night life. I'm sure if I found the right people I could do that but I'm happy with the awesome people I live with.
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I'm at Michigan State. The party scene here is ridiculous, but I usually don't have time or don't feel like partying. Plus, I'm a freshman who works a lot. I don't get invited to many parties. I was invited to one for tonight but I'm going home for the weekend.

I still have a lot of fun here regularly just hanging out with my group of friends.
I'm in my first year in Cardiff, and sure, Freshers was non-stop going out and getting wasted, but I only go out maybe once or twice a week anyway. I only have 12 hours of lectures and 2/3 of tutorials a week. The rest I spend prepping and doing other stuff with people.

Take up a sport or something. I train with the ballroom people 6/7 hours a week.

Good thing I have fun though.
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University is fun. But for me its not about having a social life, I'd be doing that even if i wasn't here. For me it's about learning and working hard so I can do more school and get even more degrees.
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I go to a commuter school, so all of my friends go back to the outer buroughs/suburbs after classes. Never really socialize aside from my GF and friends that come to visit from home.
I'm happy though, and a, doing quite well at the academic side, so I can't complain...
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I partied harder in high school than I ever did in college. now that I've only got a couple weeks left til I get my degree (god willing) I'm regretting even going in the first place. smart people will always be smart; dumb people will always be dumb. if you're curious about things and want to learn, you'll be successful; if not, you won't. about 90% of the people in unis shouldn't be there. it's a joke. and it harms everyone because gen ed classes lower the bar to accommodate average students who don't give a ****. so you cover material that's super easy and repetitive. there's no challenge because there's a pre-ordained curve for the majority who are going to college just "to get a job" or "because it's what you do after high school."
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I was never the partying kind. I hate clubbing, as do most of my friends at uni, so I never went out much. There were folks who went out 4 times a week in the first year.

I think the reason people party so hard at uni, especially in their first year, is because it's their first time living on their own. Parental restrictions no longer apply. You can get drunk every night and no-one will stop you.

There are plenty of clubs and societies to join if you're into that kind of thing. I can't be bothered to make a commitment to any of them.

I'm currently in my 3rd year of a 4 year course. Going to uni for me has been pretty much the same as going to school, except more miserable at times, for reasons I don't understand.

I've become lazier than I ever was at school.

EDIT: One important difference for me is that I never lived in halls/dorms. I shared a house with post-grads who are all in their late 20's/early 30's since I started. They're all busy with their respective courses. We don't hang out together. We're just people living separate lives in the same house. If I had lived in some student hall of residence, I think I'd have been forced into being more outgoing by the people around me.
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first year was everyone partying and playing games all the time.
second year is people going to the pubs and having a 'quiet one in' and being more mature.
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with having so few lectures, my days are just, empty.

Someone obviously isn't doing engineering

Tbh, uni is everything I expected it to be, possibly more. I've done 3 years of Chemical Engineering (doing my placement atm) and had a huge project last year, but I still manage to head out at least 2 nights a week and still be averaging 68% for the last 3 years, which is brilliant for me. Most of the people in my class that I hang out with are in the same boat.

I was kinda expecting uni (and my course in particular) to be really hard, consuming most of my time and that I would be in a male-dominated course. But while it is hard, I find it rewarding, it doesn't take up all my time so I can actually have a pretty good social life and my course actually isn't male-dominated. Turns out my class next year will have more girls than guys in it, and the talents pretty damn good in my class
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