Sorry if this could be found elsewhere, but I'm in a rush and don't have time to siff through other topics (posting and checking back much later).

I'm planning on dropping one of my guitars to C standard/C#. What would be the ideal gauge?
probably some where around 12-56
my stuff:
schecter c-1+
ibanez rg3exfm1
schecter avenger 7-string with emgs
esp/ltd mh-50
peavey 6505+ 112 combo
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way huge green rhino
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mxr smart gate
dunlop crybaby
Check out GHS Heavyweights, or any of the "Light Top Heavy Bottom" string sets.

Heavyweight 10's = 10-13-17-36-52-60
Heavyweight 11's = 11-14-18-36-52-70

Personal note: If you choose the 11's, the .070 gauge string may require slight guitar modification... on my Schecter C-1 Classic, I had to drill out the tuning peg hole to accept the .070 string, though the .060 string from the 10's fit fine without mod.
You guys like noodles, huh? I use .11's for standard tuning and .12's for one step down. It depends on what you're comfortable with.