Hi, I've been looking for a while for a new guitar. I would prefer one that comes with active EMGs as stock, neck through or set neck, no crazy or V shapes, no tremolo. My price range is £450-£550, not willing to go used (had bad experiences with used stuff in the past). I can't try any guitars with these specs in any shop in my country, but I've played guitars with specs similar to these and I know these specs would suit me perfectly.

Guitars I have been looking at:
Lower end Schecters (Damien Elite, Hellraiser Special)
ESP Ltd (None really in my price range with those specs)
BC Rich (ASM Pro, comes in a stupid colour with no tremolo or with tremolos in decent colours).
Jackson Soloist (EMG Hz as stock)
Epiphone SG Prophecy (Meets specs)

Just wondering what your opinions are on these brands/guitars or if you know of any other guitars that meet my specs in my price range. Thanks.
Pretty much all LTD's iv seen come with EMG's as standard. Id say look at those even though theyre out of your price range. Dont look at BC Rich because their lower range guitars are s*** to put it bluntly. I have 2 Epiphone guitars and they both are great for the price. The Prophecy looks very stylish and from what iv seen review wise, its good. My friend also has a Jackson Soloist but without the EMG's (Seymour Duncans instead) and it plays very well indeed. Very fast neck and comfortable.

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They don't get mentioned very often but I would check out the Godin Redline series. The Redline II features a EMG 81/85 pick-up set and Godin are well known for their superb craftsmanship. They retail for around 650$ US brand new.
Godin's are good value for money, even the lower end guitars are very well built and play great. I can't say I've ever played the higher end ones and the only guy I've ever known to play a Godin was the guitarist for Primus.
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I can get you a guitar with EMGs, Grovers, Buss Fientien systme and a case.

All new for £279 + postage depending on where you are.

Washburn Idol 50 Pro.

PM me.

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I would go with a schecter, i have 3 of them myself. The only thing about the damien elite is it has a bolt-on neck. They sound great, and play really nicely. Spend the extra hundred bucks and get the set neck with the hellraiser special
Also have a hell raiser in white for £429...

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
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Washburn Idol 50 Pro.

PM me.
Where the soddery do you keep getting all these from? I think I'm going to stop looking on eBay, just come to you next time.

But yes, OP, that Washburn would be a helluva steal. Every Washburn I've picked up has been signficantly nicer than other guitars in the same price range. My most beloved guitar right now is a 10-year-old Washburn 7-string that cost something like £150 and honestly shits on every other <£700 7-string I've tried. I didn't even want to like it 'cause it's a horrible colour, but the quality at the ridiculous price was far, far too good to pass up.
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I know you said no used, and I don't know how the currency transfers over to USD, but a used Torero will take you miles.

Your best bet would probably to take Tom up on his offer though .

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Ah well that's a shame. Here in Canada they're dirt cheap. I saw a Redline II not too long ago on sale for 250$ CAN tax included. I slap myself everyday for not taking that deal.
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Ah well that's a shame. Here in Canada they're dirt cheap. I saw a Redline II not too long ago on sale for 250$ CAN tax included. I slap myself everyday for not taking that deal.

Wow thats an amazing deal. They're made in Canada I think.
Their low end models are made in USA but the intermediate to high-end models are made in Quebec which is right next to Ontario where I am.
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Also have a hell raiser in white for £429...

You bought a Schecter? Did hell freeze over?
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I just saw a peavey pxd oddysey 2 for 399 with emg's and the lowest action with zero fret buzz...if only the headstock wasnt weird looking..but still i might buy it.