I managed to get my hands on a production line test sample Crate Blue Voodoo BV120HR "Sammy Hagar" signature head for under $100. According to the guy I bought it from, he bought it directly from Crate after quality control testing as a "C" grade refurbished amp, and came without the housing cabinet (which I will build myself). Besides missing the cabinet, it has a bad pre-amp tube, but I'm also looking at swapping out the Groove Tube Power Amp Tubes for Winged C's....

So here's my question... the amp is built for 6L6GT/5881 tubes, will 6L6GC Winged C's work in this amp? Now before anyone says "they're the same, GT just means Groove Tube", I already know better....

Based on the spec's a GT in an amp made for a GC could be a recipe for meltdown, but could an amp made for a GT supply enough power to a GC to sound good??? Has anyone already tried it? if so what are your thoughts?

Oh, and I'm more concerned with the clean tone, I use a BOSS GT-6 for my overdrive tones, but I'd still like to have a decent distortion direct from the amp when I'm not playing through the mulit-effects pedal.

Oh, and are there any decent online vendors for tubes besides "tube depot" and "the tube store"? I found one months ago with many more options than either of these two but cannot remember the website & can't find it now
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Well first I must admit that I have no idea what anything in your image means...

However, I can say that no amp is 'made for x brand of tubes.' The amp is designed to work with 6L6s, so it will work with any 6L6. How well it will work in terms of sound quality is all subjective, but I can say with absolute certainty that either tube will work in your amp.
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the two most important parts are:
VaMax - maximum plate (anode) voltage
Vg2Max - maximum screen grid voltage

Try pushing 18 volts through a 12 volt light bulb... theoretically, you'll get the same result running GT tubes in an amp designed for GC tubes... very high output for a very SHORT period of time then burnout.

also not to be dismissed are:
PaMax - maximum plate power dissipation
Pa2Max - maximum screen power dissipation

IIRC, the dissipation values are how much heat (in watts) the system must be able to continually remove to keep the tube from overheating while running at max power.
The GT is a very old design. The SED 6L6GC will work fine. Shoving old GT's into an amp designed for GC's can result in them self destructing but not the other way around. If in fact they are actual GT's and not just groove tubes. I'd be surprised if they are. But anyway, it doesn't matter, SED 6L6GC's will rock.
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