which are the top three tremolos in Ibanez on the basis of tuning stability even under powerful dives, pull ups and bends??
is the edge III good like a edge zero?
plz suggest...
The EdgeIII isn't regarded as the prime of Ibanez bridges, no...

On the newer models you'd want like an Edge Zero. If you're looking at used guitars, an Edge Pro is great too.

Even older guitars use the original Edge, which is still my favorite bridge ever.
edge, lo-pro edge and edge pro are the good ones on older models

newer ones have edge zero, haven't tried it yet

yeah the edge III is a cheaper model, not considered one of the good ones
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Edge Zero With ZPS3 is the best for tuning stability. Edge-Pro is like OFR, but doesn't have as good stability as Edge Zero, well because Edge Zero is simply build too solid. Edge Pro is better for it's capability, and i think both are better then OFR. Btw there's a problem with Ibanez, they sell Edge III for a price that is slightly expensiver then original floyd rose. It is like around 250$, and Edge Pro is like 350$. Would go for schaller trems.
I really like the ZR whammy bars they put on their S-series of guitars. They have ballberrings for smooth action, and you don't need to worry about soft metal wearing out on the knife-edges of other OFR imitations. You can tug on the ZR all day without the guitar going out of tune.