If your beyond a beginner/intermediate guitar player this will probably sound stupid to you, so maybe don't even bother reading beyond here.

I've been playing for 3-4 years now and have always used online tabs/chords to learn the songs. Always a pain trying to read these and playing along at the same time.
Well the other day I started reading the chords and playing along to the song and all of a sudden after the first verse or so I just "knew" what chords to play next even though it was the first time I ever played it. I played along without looking at the chords and even got thru the chorus. The bridge threw me off a bit, I had to look it up.

Anyway it felt pretty good. I guess my ear and the little bit of theory I'm learning is finally starting to come around a little bit.
In my excitement, I immediately went to another song I've never played and tried to just do it by ear without looking up any of the notes. Nope, not quite there yet lol. But at least I have some hope moving forward.
Just thought I'd share this for people out there like me who thought it would never be possible.
Well done but it is required by law for me to say...

All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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LOL yeah i was looking for the MT "Story-Time" subsection but came up empty

I just never thought i'd be able to do it. So to anyone else out there that thinks the same way..