I'm the guitarist closest to the camera. I've been playing for a year-ish. I've only performed two or three times before, this is my first with this setlist. Obviously a little messy. Tell me what you think. I'll c4c if you want
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Hey man,

for one year of playing that was really good and I commend you for playing jazz and in public.

You might want to think about trying to leave a bit more 'space' in your solo - this means leaving gaps where you play nothing. Think about making as much music with as little information as possible.

Try coming up with a motif (a short lick) and repeating it through the changes - this will give the listener something to latch onto.

well done.

Please check out my vid:

I'm watching your video, and I'm not a big fan of shred, but great job. It sounds completely clean and professional, but still emotive. I really like the slow bit around 2:18.