This is a song I wrote and recorded back in May. Musically it's inspired by The Gaslight Anthem, and inspiration for the lyrics came from the Michelle Williams and Anna Friel film, Me Without You. I'm not much of a songwriter, so thoughts on the music or lyrics would be greatly appreciated.


I know the production could be better, but I'm thinking of rerecording it in the studio soon, since the guitars and bass for this were done in Garageband due to lack of time to get into the studio.

If you want to listen to/comment on any of the other songs on my Soundcloud page then feel free to do so here.

C4C, of course.

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I can hear the influence form gaslight anthem. I think the production isnt that bad. Will def sound good from the studio tho. Great guitar playing...really like the solo..fits the song very well. The chorus is very good too. Vocals fit the song well. This is a really solid piece...i wouldnt change anything in the songwriting...flows very well and sounds good. Keep it up
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