I I have a 2007 Peavey 6505 60W 212 combo that I am trying to trade for a low watt tube amp. This amp was made in America, Its not like the 112 combo that is made in China. This is the real deal. Its the same amp as the old 5150 combos but only 5 years old. Many people prefer these over the 5150/6505 heads even. 2 channels, rhythm and lead. Has enough gain to even satisfy anyone. Very tight response and you can feel the bass thump in your chest. I has built in reverb unlike the heads also. It is in good shape apart from a few tolex scuffs. The thing is build rock solid though and will not give any problems. It has fairly new tubes in it. Has a set of Groove Tube 6l6s in there now and I will also throw in a set of Ruby 6l6s as well. I have several different preamp tubes, several JJs, a few Electro Harmonix, and a Tung sol that I like to swap around. I absolutely love this amp to death, but I am about to move from a house to an apartment and this is a little loud for the neighbors. I am looking for preferably a low watt tube amp, but will consider other offers. Would love to get an Orange Dark terror or something similar. Do not offer me your Line 6 Spider something like that. This thing went for and still goes for 1200 new so your 30 watt solid state amp is not going to cut it. I will also consider trades for Line 6 Floor PODs and similar products.
I will send pics upon request.

Really considering the Line 6 PODs now and am really interested in a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister.
I have a Peavey Windsor Studio 1x12 combo, built in attenuator so you can get it to sound really, really good at really, really low volumes. Are you interested?
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I have a Sheldon TrueTone 3, handwired, boutique valve amp. It can alternate between 9-3 watts, and I have some different valves that can take it down to 3-1 watts. Interested?
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I know i live in the UK but would you consider trading for a Blackstar HT 20 Studio?
Maybe we could work something out with shipment