late xmas gift which was nice. for those who don't know this is an analog delay (appx 700 ms) with additonal controls for modulation and a boost (makes the dealy sound more prominent). it is supposed to mimic the sound of a tape delay.

only have a limited review as i haven't had much time with it yet. on the way home from getting it my car had an issue (ball joint went) so i spent part of last night waiting for a f*cking tow truck and most of today waiting to get my car back (my ride had to take me early and leave me) ok enough with my woes

i bought it because i like a 70s style hard rock sound and of course tape echoes were used by many of that times guitar hero types (think echo-plex and roland space echo) since i can't even come close to being able to afford one of those i'm going this route. the pedal does have a tape vibe about it for sure. for shorter delays that fatten up and give your leads some depth it does really well. the modulation control when turned up makes form some pretty wild sounding repeats. personally i probably won't really use this function much but if you like weird sounds this is the pedal for you. the boost feature does make your solo stand out more and seems to be a really good idea.

i'd say the Love pedal Gen 5 is a cool pedal if a tape delay sound is what you are after. if you want a plug and play pedal then you might want to think about something else as this one requiers some effort to get the best out of it. $120 at Guitar Center.