Hi, I'm new here and I'm new to electric guitar as well. I'm currently using the Fender Mustang I with Fender FUSE. I want to learn blues so badly but I have no idea how to get that sound.. I've tried all the presets but those are not for blues..

Any help will be much appreciated!

The sound that I was looking for:

I'm not familiar with your guitar or amp, but usually a standard sound for that kinda thing would be a little bit of gain/drive (say, 15% at the most) set your high/treble and low/bass to 60/70% and your mid/middle to 50%. A bit of reverb will be nice, too. But most importantly I think is which pickup you're using- try flicking the switch into different positions, and find what sounds best to you! As for the tuning you mentioned, that should be standard (EADGBE low to high)
Set the gain very low, set the tone knobs at 12 o'clock but boost the mids a bit (at least thats what I do, but I have a semi acoustic with humbuckers, so you should experiment with those settings). Humbuckers are better for the BB King sound. I dont know much about the FUSE but if you can set it to model a fender twin reverb that would be close. No need for any pedals, although a compressor could be useful.
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Thanks for all the replies!

I tried the combination of Fender '65 Twin Reverb Amp (15% of gain, 70% of treble, 50% mid, 70% bass, 0% reverb/speed/intensity), DELAY TAPE with default setting and one REVERB GMALL HALL with default I got pretty close to that BB King sound!

This forum is amazing, thank you!