Hey guys

Like i said i'm getting bored on guitar i'm still playing but its just exercises really. I usually play a lot of metal but recently its no fun i've been trying to get back in to blues again and do some more jazz but i don't really know what to play, any suggestions?

Thanks guys.
learn going to brazil by motorhead, great fast bluesy song, great fun to play
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going to brazil sounds awesome is there any tabs. I have started writing music i got a few things recorded i'm just needing some more things to play to have more fun
Try the bass or drums. Drums are a bitch....I cant do it but my 11 year old can.
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It sounds like you need to learn some songs that match your current level of ability. That makes things a lot more fun.

Maybe some Pink Floyd? David Gilmour has many relatively simple bluesy songs that sound great.
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Join a band, start writing music, jam with people and find new music

Jam all the time
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Join a band, start writing music, jam with people and find new music

This! You don´t even need to write music, just playing music you like with other musicians or even just a drummer for the beginning is the conclusion. And prepare for some challenge.
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get an acoustic. might just be the inspiration you need.

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Buy a new guitar, amp, or other guitar-related toy, it really inspires you to get back into playing. You could also join a band and start making some music of your own.
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What you should do is stop listening to killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine and avenged sevenfold. Talk about a bore fest of bands.

Also, try learning a new technique on guitar. I dunno how long you've been playing but I am still learning and have a lot to learn after 10 years of playing.
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I have lulls in playing sometimes, and take weeks (months, and even years for that matter) off from playing but then can very easily get inspired again by hearing something that I really like.

Expand a bit, experiment a bit. You said that you were into jazz, there are so many things that you can do with a very simple II-V-I jazz progression. I don't know what level you are, but a REALLY popular beginner's piece is "Autumn Leaves," which uses that II-V-I progression. It's one of those standards that everyone has a different take on, use something like that and learn to improvise over the chords. Figure out what works and what doesn't and you will learn a ton in a very short amount of time.

A few different takes that I like
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiew8O8BLlY (my favorite one...)

If all you are doing is reading tabs to learn metal songs that you are listening to then of course you are going to get bored, because you're not actually learning how to play the guitar. You're just learning to how play notes in a certain arrangement.
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Yay i'm not alone!

I used to listen to metal and learning the songs but few months later i don't enjoy it and i don't feel that sense of satisfaction. so what i do is listen to other genres, i listened to oasis because i love how the guitar sounds and in the end i feel satisfied. in the end i'm interested in guitars again!

So try listening to other genres it can be anything! like alternative, country etc.
Try expanding into more genres of music or learning a new instrument.
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Learn some stuff that wasn't actually written for your instrument. My brother, who plays bass, just tabbed out 'In the hall of the mountain king' by ear. Great fun.
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hey guys i give some of these ideas a try on tuesday i've got an an exam prelim on monday say i have to learn stupid grade 4 songs even though i'm currently learning grade 7. so yeah yeah i'll give the ideas a try. i'm not going to buy a new guitar though since i'm already making a custom tele. i might take up keyboard or piano always wanted to. I've' played every day for two years and i've gotten in a rut like this before but now i'm just completely lacking motivation.
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seriously learn some underoath,paramore,explosions in the sky,MOONCAKE-44