Basically i've been looking online for the past 2 hours or so at potential amps for myself. I decided a mesa mini rectifier was way too overpriced for me and now i'm looking at other alternatives.

One i stumbled across that i quite likely intend to try quite soon is


My question however is, are the 2 speakers necessary? Will i notice a difference between 1 speaker opposed to 2? I'm not looking for high volumes by any means as this will just be used in my room for playing guitar to myself.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you
not really

just bear in mind the ht5 isn't all-tube, it's more hybrid ( )

if it does the tone you want then it doesn't matter, but don't buy it think it's all-tube.
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Two 12" speakers will give you more bass. The con? Make believe baby "full stacks" look wanky.
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