Hey guys,
Two Questions:

1.) I have always daisy-chained my pedals into my amp. I wana know what the difference is between doing that and using the effects loops. I use a Boss chormatic tuner, a Boss Super Chorus, and a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, plus a standard crybaby, and soon to have a Big Muff.

2.) My amp is a hot rod deluxe with a Pre-amp in and a Pre-amp out. I use a Boss BCB-60 board, what do I plug into the pre-amp ins and outs? and if I use the effects loop, I just plug my patch chord into my amps 1st imput?

teh loop normally comes after the preamp. so if you're using teh amp's preamp distortion, pedals which you'd normally use post-distortion (e.g. delay) would likely work better in the loop.

not entirely sure what you mean about your second question. not too familiar with the HRD (i mean i've tried it, but just in a shop where i wasn't trying to set it up myself), but the normal way to use a loop is:

guitar and pedals not in loop connected the normal way (i.e. guitar->pedals->amp input)

instrument cable from fx loop send jack to input of first pedal in loop -> patch cables to all other pedals in loop -> instrument cable from last pedal's output jack to fx loop return jack
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