Well i've been looking around at 5watt heads to purchase very soon, and my friend recommends i definitely buy a tube screamer pedal to go with it if i'm buying a real low watt amp.
He says it drives the tubes in the amp harder and will give it a more brootz tone for metalz.
Is my friend right in this case? Should i be buying a tube screamer for a 5watt amp head used almost exclusively for playing metal.
Anyone able to give me a more detailed description as to what a tube screamer does other than enabling me to play brootal metal
i wouldn't be buying a 5 watter for metal

a ts will give you a bit more gain but it won't turn a champ into a 5150

what were you looking at, the ht5, right? it more or less already has a ts built-in (though that's not to say plugging another in wouldn't work)
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May I ask the reason for you buying a 5w amp? The thing is, most low wattage valve amps aren't really made for playing metal and are more voiced for old school blues/rock. Your friend is right a tubescreamer would help, and you could get a decent sound, however I reckon you'd probably be better off with a higher wattage amp, and an attenuator if you need low volume.
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A tube screamer will actually shape your tone a little bit regardless of what amp its put up against. Fact is, it effects your sound. Which amp are you looking at? I think to better answer your question i'd like to know if the amp you are getting is ideal for metal type music or not. A tube screamer is a great addition to any metal rig..
If anything go for the Tweaker. and yes a Tubescreamer would help with getting more metal tones out of it.
i'd do the ht-5. even though its not all tube, its got a great tone for the price it is and does metal well
With the Tweaker, I'd grab a Tubescreamer. The Blackstar's dirty channel practically is a tweaked Tubescreamer.
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